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I Stand Corrected

UB Senior Director of Media Relations John DellaContrada wanted me to make a correction to this blog post, where some readers may have walked away with the impression that UB VP/COO Scott Nostaja had been getting paid by the state as well as UB Foundation Activities for the past five years. As I thought I said in the article, Nostaja has only been on the state teat since the beginning of this month (July, 2010).

DellaContrada writes: Scott Nostaja’s state salary is $175,000.  UBF does provide supplementary compensation to him.  As I’ve explained before, UBF supplementary compensation enables the university to provide salaries that are competitive with other national AAU research universities.

The main function of UBF is to support the many and various activities and initiatives of the university.   UBF also supports research, athletics, student scholarship programs, etc.  – all types of activities that one would expect a university to be engaged in.   Basically, UBF  supplements state funding for university operations because state  funding is not always sufficient.

Click here to read what UB Foundation Activities paid him in 2008, the most recent record available. $332,307. Plus $175,000 from the state. That’s $507,307. Hopefully, half a million dollars a year will be “sufficient” for Scott. I’ll give him a little more time on the job before I file a FOIL request for the time sheets he should be filing with the state.

Which raises another issue. A 2004 audit of the SUNY Research Foundation found an instance where a state employee was also being paid by the research foundation. Click here to read the audit. (page 28) “By allowing this University employee to be paid a supplemental income by the Foundation, the University is using the Foundation to circumvent the State system by allowing a State employee to earn a greater income than what is permitted under that employee’s salary and title plan and has violated the Retirement and Social Security Law.”

“Officials agreed with our conclusions and took immediate action to remove the individual from the Foundation payroll,” the audit states.

Maybe someone should call the Social Security Administration just to make sure UB Foundation Activities, Inc., isn’t violating the law by paying SUNYAB president John Simpson, Medical school Dean Michael Cain, VP of Health Science David Dunn, or VP/COO Scott Nostaja over a million dollars a year, collectively, in addition to their state salaries.

  • Ted

    I think UB Alumni would be quite interested in learning where their donations go. I’m pretty sure none of them are giving so that UB can plump up salaries of bureaucrats who are highly overpaid to begin with.