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The Old Car Dealer Dept.

1964 Yellow Pages ad

In 1964 Dodge was celebrating its 50th anniversary in the car business. One of its local dealerships was Sorce Dodge, located at 2820 Bailey Ave. in Buffalo. And contrary to today’s Google street image, it is not presently an abandoned building, but rather is home to Stone Cold Fashions.

2820 Bailey Ave., Buffalo, today

Back in 1964, when this ad ran in the Yellow Pages, those showroom windows were filled with new Dodges — like the compact Dart, the full-sized Polara 500, the even bigger 880, and the A100 van. Pricing ranged from a low of $1,988 for the Dart two-door sedan, up to $4,185 for the Custom 880 three-seat station wagon (which was nothing more than a slightly modified Chrysler, slapped together hastily in 1962 when Chrysler Corporation realized its shrunken full-sized car line was a flop sales-wise). The 880 disappeared after the 1965 model year, when the Polara was redesigned and once again became competitive size-wise to other nameplates. And Dodge, to its credit, is still selling cars in 2010.

'64 Dodge Dart ad art

'64 Dodge A100 ad art

'64 Dodge Polara 500 ad art

'64 Dodge 880 ad art

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know