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Extra! Extra! UB Foundation Shares Some Information!

Today, as I finished reading the SUNY cheerleading in the Buffalo News from Edward J. Malloy, president of the New York State Building and Construction Trades Council, a hand delivered envelope was dropped off for me at the Artvoice office. It was from the University at Buffalo Foundation, Inc.

The envelope contained a three-page response to a FOIL request I submitted June 17.  Click here to read it.

It’s time for commentators like Malloy to stop focusing on the tuition fears contained in the PHEEIA bill and start talking about SUNY and its spinoff foundations that hide information from the public at every opportunity.

The partial list of UB Foundation employees they provide doesn’t include the big fish like president John Simpson, Medical school Dean Michael Cain, VP of Health Science David Dunn, or VP/COO Scott Nostaja—who collect over a million dollars a year from the foundation between the four of them, in addition to their generous state salaries. (Nostaja finally became a state employee this month, after suckling on the foundation teat for the past five years.)

Click here and see for yourself. On page 10 of this 2007 tax form, it clearly states there are 74 other employees paid over $50,000. What do they send me? Information pertaining to their clerks.

This is the way they behave, and they have the nerve to say there’s too much oversight?

SUNY unleashed, unlocked, or unshackled (whatever the slogan is this week) is scarier than a man-eating tiger busting its rope and lunging toward a bunch of kindergarteners at the circus.