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Karla Thomas on the Hot Seat

Buffalo Commissioner of Human Resources Karla Thomas is answering questions from members of the common council at this hour, regarding the search process for selecting the city’s new police commissioner.

Among the resources she claimed to have used starting back in January is It’s the Web site for the International Association of Chiefs  of Police. But here’s a curiosity: if you click here you’ll see that the job posting for commissioner of police in Buffalo only went up two days ago, on July 17.

So apparently, as of Saturday, the city is still actively soliciting applications for the job mayor Brown has already given to Daniel Derenda. HR claims to have forwarded 33 candidate applications to the mayor, but played no role after that. Thomas said they performed no background checks, and she was unaware of a selection committee, vetting process, or short list of candidates.

  • brownout

    she looks like a dumpy overstuffed pig, unkempt and sweaty. have a little self respect. god. why is ALL of City Hall so insulting on so many levels?

  • stoptheinsanity

    She also looks like she OD’ed on her prescription Med’s. Her eyes are almost shut.
    Wonder where she got her degree (university of Phoenix) or if she even has one…

  • stoptheinsanity

    Buffalo Snews bloggers should all start posting here as of August 2nd

  • ImInDisbelief

    Does anybody question why and who posted the job listing on July 17, 2010??? Does it not reek of more than complete incompetency- you know Casey of Brown didn’t, or Cutler, so Karla, did you? Were you thinking stupidly enough to think it would be seen up on the website BUT nobody would detect the posting date was only 3 days ago, and months after it was to have been, or claimed to have been, posted? Or am I just nuts?

  • Kate

    Attacking Thomas for her appearance is sexist and small. If she were “Karl Thomas,” it wouldn’t be an issue. Keep the focus where it belongs: on her incompetence, and on her disinterest in anything but shilling for the mayor and keeping her job.

  • brownout

    please with the sexist, small crap. she is a lazy pig, it’s obvious she doesn’t care about herself and is a miserable slob. If it were Karl Thomas it would be just as disgusting presenting equal disregard for professionalism. Slobbish dumpy people who look they they get out of breath from walking up one flight of stairs (so instead they take the elevator) are offensive no matter male or female so bite me with your feminist bullshit.