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Elect Steve Casey Mayor

So Deputy Mayor Steve Casey says that Niagara District Councilman David Rivera wanted to be police commissioner back in 2006, but was deemed unqualified because he was only a detective sergeant with no command experience. (Rivera denies he applied for the commissioner’s post, but says he interviewed for a deputy commissioner’s job.) Casey’s choice for police commissioner, Daniel Derenda, also never rose above the rank of detective sergeant before being catapulted into a deputy commissioner’s post in 2006, thanks to his relationship with Casey.

So isn’t Casey conceding Rivera’s argument? If Rivera was unqualified for the commissioner’s job, wasn’t Derenda unqualified to be made a deputy commissioner? And, leaving aside Derenda’s lack of a college degree and the question of his residency, isn’t he then unqualified to be commissioner?

Casey, of course, became deputy mayor on the strength of his political acumen, not any sort of administrative or managerial experience, so of course his comments are politically motivated — politicking is what he does. And if the video that landed in my inbox this morning is any indication, the politicking season has begun in earnest now. With power struggles unfolding in the 144th Assembly district, the 60th State Senate district, and the Ellicott Common Council district, it’s going to be a hot one:

A bit harsh, in my opinion, but it ends with a sensible message.

I’m not exactly sure who made this video, but it came with a link to a site called Empire Political Consulting, LLC. We’ll be tracking their contributions to the political discourse this election season.

  • William Hoyt


    Thank you so much for posting the hard work my son, Jeremy Toth, did in making that video. When he showed his finish product to me, he asked, “Daddy did I do good?” The fact that you posted it is all he needs to know that he did his father proud!
    Knowing that I have a tough fight against Steve Casey, Tom Golisano, Steve Pigeon and that guy from Riverside, I just wanted to thank you. without your help, my message of reform would never get out. The fact that you guys at Artvoice are willing to allow three people from my campaign staff get my message out is amazing. Ellen from my office is grateful that you publish her articles about what is going on in the Common Council even though she is there covering the meetings on the state taxpayers dime. Jeremy Toth is also thankful. Time and time again I have heard him drown on and on and well….I am grateful you guys publish his dribble so I am able to exercise that freedom of whether to read it or not. And finally, keeping Bruce Fisher, my great friend and the former Erie County Deputy Executive, active by allowing him to write for your paper is a gift I will never be able to repay you guys. Bruce is an excellent economist (remember red budget/green budget, that was his idea)and I am ever so glad to call him my financial go-to guy and a great friend. With all of my people on your staff, I just want you to think of it as my version of a business stimulus package!
    I think my record of reform speaks for itself. I peronally made sure that every budget was late in my tenure was held up because Steve Casey had his fingers all over it. Even last year, when I voted against it, I was told I could by Sheldon Silver because he assured me that Steve Casey was the reason that the budget was created. He said I could vote against it because “it would not hurt my chances of re-election.” And my Historic Property Rehab Credit bill, well, let’s just say that it was watered down because of Steve Casey. Hell, Steve is personally responsible for the fact that once we put some teeth in it again a few weeks ago, those teeth fell out.
    My family is a true Buffalo family! Look at Hoyt Street, named after my ancestors. It is such a thriving community! And Hoyt Lake, named after dad, it is such a thriving refuge for all of the animals that go near it! It is a shame that more families in this community are not more like mine!
    In closing, just want to say thanks again for all that Artvoice does for me and my “family”. I just want to say that I will continue my fight in the Assembly for Manhattan First, Manhattan Always!


  • Just a couple notes on the comment above:

    1. Ellen Przepasniak has not written for AV in quite some time. She was a freelance reporter, and a good one, but stopped writing for us well before taking a job in Hoyt’s office. So lay off Ellen.

    2. I’m not sure exactly who made this video, but I know Jeremy Toth did not.

    3. My name is spelled G-E-O-F-F. It’s right there in the post, for God’s sake.

    4. Criticizing those who oppose Sam Hoyt does not equal support for Sam Hoyt. (Can you remember back as far as two weeks ago when we gave Hoyt a hard time for the mailings on his behalf paid for by the charter school lobby?) That’s a playground mentality that illustrates much of what is wrong with our local politics. Personally, I like Joe Golombek. Personally, I like Sam Hoyt. Politically, I couldn’t care less who wins that race.

    Thanks for reading, and feel free to use your real name next time.

  • Simon Magus

    Hoyt Lake is center point of NYC Errand Boy, Twaney Thompson’s district. Twaney is the Chairman of the Environment Committee. Bill (Norman Bates) Nowak is his assistant office manager. Remember Bates/Nowak was part of the Old Green/Gold scam. What have they done about the pollution in the Center of the District; absolutely nothing.

    Everyone says they’re good for nothing, but they’re wrong; they’re great for doing nothing…

    And bouncing checks of course!

  • Twixt

    The video is especially hilarious because these politicians take themselves so seriously. But it’s unfair to lump Gacy, Williams and Dalmer in with Prigeon, Pigeon and Thompson. Gacy, Williams and Dalmer only killed a couple of dozen people. Prigeon, Pigeon and Thompson on the other hand are trying to destroy the futures of Tens of Thousands of hard working honest Buffalonians.

  • Shannon

    Empire Political Consulting sounds shady. Does anyone know who they’re working for? And who’s the smiling idiot whose picture comes up right before Casey? I’ve never seen him before, but if he’s in politics his nickname should be “The Joker”.

  • Agnes

    Does Steve Casey want to be Mayor? I’ve never heard him speak before, but his reputation around town isn’t exactly flattering.

  • topher

    The video makes a good point. Why the fuck is everyone who runs anything at City Hall is from anywhere but Buffalo. Casey is from Philadelphia. Brown is from Queens. Antoine is from Jamaica.

  • chris b

    Who sings the song? I’ve never heard it before but it’s great.

  • Lancey Howard

    “Smiling Faces Sometimes” is a soul song written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong for the Motown label. The song was originally recorded by The Temptations in 1971. Producer Norman Whitfield had the song re-recorded by The Undisputed Truth the same year, resulting in a number-three Billboard Hot 100 position for the group. “Smiling Faces” was the only Top 40 single released by the Undisputed Truth, and was included on their debut album The Undisputed Truth.

  • Mr. Bumble

    Joe Golombek shouldn’t be in the same video with Taxman Thompson. Golombek does a lot for the kids of Riverside. All Antoine does is write checks that can’t be cashed. The Taxman is a state-wide embarrassment.

    Golombek should have ran against Goofball Thompson

  • Pomeroy

    I know Thompson hates the Irish and stiffed the Polish Little-Leaguers, but does anyone know if his check to the Italian Festival cleared? I know he stiffed the Latino Music Festival.

  • gregory p.

    Does this mean that Golisano is getting into things again, or that Golisano lied to someone regarding his support of “theBrownMachine”? Who’s getting the independence line, Golombeck or Hoyt?

  • William Hoyt
  • Tom

    Empire Consulting appears to be the work of Matthew Ricchiazzi. He is listed on the site as the editor of all the changes. See:
    Tom P.

  • Simon Magus

    The was a saying, “There is much truth said in jest…” which is now in question. Antoine Thompson couldn’t tell the truth if he wanted to, however, he is known as a Court Jester. He’s managed to make the saying into a oximoron while at the same time making himself into a dumb moron. You’ve got to admit “that takes talent”

  • Harry Stone

    Matt Ricchiazzi needs to learn a few things. Don’t jump in with the sharks if you can’t figure out how to cover your tracks better. Making a site through a google site account and using your own google handle?! Are you kidding me?! How long until the Buffalo Police comes in and confiscates his computer, a la the Syaed Ali fellow on Breckenridge?

  • Simon Magus

    Antoine Thompson channels Dr. Evil

    If at first you don’t succeed; Quit

  • Harry Stone

    How long until Geoff Kelly updates this article to properly identify Matt Ricchiazzi as the person behind it and Empire Political Consulting?

  • Simon Magus
  • Mr. Bumble
  • William Hoyt

    It is amusing to me, but Artvoice also prints articles of one of the biggest supporters of Matt Ricchiazzi, Mr. John Duke. So, if I am not mistaken, John is in with the hoyt “family”. So, Geoff, make that four people on my campaign that you can use to get my ‘progressive’ messsage out, to save Manhattan at all costs. Gotta run, Shelly Silver is calling me with my next set of orders. I believe it has something to do about making upstate more subserviant to Manhattan.

  • Mr. Bumble

    I believed the previous blogger rushed to judgment. If he had read the above blogs he would have read what I wrote above (and that has nothing to do with Mr. Duke):

    Joe Golombek shouldn’t be in the same video with Taxman Thompson. Golombek does a lot for the kids of Riverside. All Antoine does is write checks that can’t be cashed. The Taxman is a state-wide embarrassment.

    Golombek should have ran against Goofball Thompson

    Comment by Mr. Bumble — July 11, 2010 @ 11:37 am