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Tim Kennedy on Parade

So let’s say you’re a political candidate with one of the most recognizably Irish names in America. How do you appeal to Polish-American voters if you’re running against a guy whose last name is Stachowski?

Simple. Put a couple American flags, and a bunch of red, white and blue campaign posters all over a municipal fire truck, load up the back with a Grammy-nominated polka band, and enter it in the Cheektowaga Fourth of July Parade!

Then, post photos of the event on your facebook page.

(And when you pull a stunt like this, make sure you place your posters on the fire truck in a way that will obscure every identifier of the municipality that uses the apparatus.)

Na Zdrowie!

  • Jones Bones

    Isn’t it against the Hatch Act or some other federal law to use a public funded vehicle for campaigning? I am sure some local muncipality bought the fire truck as opposed to it being donated. The color for Cheetowaga fire hydrants are yellow. Could the yellow truck be a Cheetowaga public fire truck? If public monies were used, Senator Stachowski needs to find out why and do his duty to report ‘Thief of Public Funds!’

  • Simon Magus

    I’d like to put Antoine Thompson’s face on the front of a fire truck!

  • brownout

    another useless parasite who can’t hold down a day job. eat another hot dog kennedy, lookin good on you, nice paunch

  • Andrew Kulyk

    Nice to see this great publication that I toil so hard for with great sports content taking yet another blind swipe against my man Tim Kennedy.

    To set the record straight… this fire truck was decommissioned two decades ago and is now privately owned. Jackie Schmid, who is the Vice chair of the Cheekdems, has access to this vehicle and has used it in many parades and other civic events for which she selflessly and tirelessly gives her time and energy.

    As for Tim’s cuisine and hot dogs, please let me know when the fall Abercrombie and Fitch catalog is released. I’ll be looking forward to seeing photos of Bill Stachowski and Mike Kuzma modeling their new line of underwear.

    Why don’t you people grow up? This state has incredibly huge problems and needs serious people to solve them. Let’s hold these candidate’s feet to the fire on how they intend to fix and change Albany.

    Oh… and you want Marriage Equality to become the law of the land? Who’s going to deliver that vote in the Senate? Quinn? Stachowski? The ONLY serious candidate in this race who will vote in support of this issue is TIM KENNEDY. Please, please start grasping that concept, all of you who are still thinking about who to vote for.

  • Jones Bones

    Who sez ye that Kennedy will vote for gay marriage? Has he stated that fact or is he just unnaturally quiet so people will assume that he will. Ask him directly, Mr. Andy. His answer, if he is honest, may surprise you.

  • Disco Duck

    When I zoom into the license plate, it is commercial plate (meaning the fite truck is privatly owned), if this was a fire truck that was owned my a government agency (ie:fire company) the plates would have to read “Official” on the bottom. Most likley the owner of the truck bought it either an auction or maybe even on ebay.

  • Andrew Kulyk

    @ “Jones Bones”… Kennedy appeared at the Pride events last month. Kennedy hosted a “meet and greet” night at a local gay friendly establishment on Allen Street last month. Kennedy met with the Stonewall Democrats group to ask for their support and laid out his platform which supports GLBT issues. Stonewall went with another candidate who apparently was that much more friendly to their views, meanwhile that candidate has since dropped out.

    Yes Mr. Andy DID ask Kennedy directly about Marriage Equality, in fact, it was within 48 hours after the failed vote in the State Senate, the one where Stachowski voted no. Question, “Tim, if you had had the opportunity to be in that chamber and casting a vote on this issue, what would you have done?” Kennedy’s direct reply, “I would have voted YES.”

    You lose. Thanks for playing.

  • Ann Schumacher

    Tim Kennedy Senator? You have to be kidding….just another fake. He needs to go get a real job. He’s weak. No leadership, no brains. Taking credit for Brian Higgins Economic Development? Hm, Brian watch this guy. Just cuz he’s from South Buffalo doesn’t mean he’s deserving. He turncoated on all the democrats from South Buffalo by backing Collins. Weak….at best. Just another Pigeon chronie.