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This Modern World: IHOTFM Man To The Rescue!

  • paulmorgan01

    Dear advertisers, we will no longer patronize you if you advertise in Artvoice.
    Let the exodus* begin.

    the City of Good Neighbors

    *”You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.”
    ~ Exedus 20:16

    Have a blessed day!

  • Leslie Wilcox Hughes

    Hate mongering? I’m not sure if Amazon accepts SNAP payments or not, but the question is why would it be a problem to have people on very limited budgets enjoy the discounts on food that Amazon or AmazonPantry offers?Amazon also offers free delivery which would be highly beneficial to people who are not able to shop on their own. I wonder how many people who rely on SNAP have access to internet services and computers? I’d guess not many. The assumption that offering cost saving programs to those on SNAP is worth stirring the pot over to get people riled up is not journalism, it’s hate mongering bias.

    The same goes for the second “news item”. No where in his writing does he mention that he has facts or proof to back up his projected email problems but he says: “I told reporters after the hearing that Obama administration was creating another “Hillary Clinton-type email disaster with eyes wide open.”” Without proof this is slander.
    It certainly is not worthy of being reprinted by any publication that values journalism.

    I hope to never see another “article” from Judicial Watch in Artvoice.

    • paulmorgan01

      the best way to ensure that is to stop reading this rag.

  • smoochie

    Pig-stupid. Just go away; we don’t want you anymore.

  • Your choice of image to go with the story says everything there is to say about this publication, and this story.


    What kind of sick people are you?

  • salfie

    “The USDA says SNAP participants will only be able to use their benefits to pay for eligible items and not for service or delivery charges.”

    So what exactly is the fucking problem with people using their benefits to purchase their food online, especially if they live in a food desert? You do realize they’re not paying for delivery or anything they couldn’t already get, right? Artvoice is a rag and they should be ashamed of themselves for ostensibly calling welfare recipients animals.

    Terrible editor, terrible owner. Embarrassing on every level. Maybe just put the paper to bed instead of besmirching its once good name. It’s basically just Parlato’s hard-on at this point.

  • Thurgood Stubbs

    They managed to stuff a whole lot of stupid into one article. I guess Artvoice is now BreitbArtvoice.

  • Ida Mae Thomas