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Jay Townsend: Meet the Other Guy

Jay Townsend and family

Even if you can’t agree with a quarter of the positions espoused by Republican political consultant Jay Townsend, who’s running against US Senator Chuck Schumer this year, it’s always enlightening to engage the debate. The Tea Party Coalition of Western New York hosts a forum with Townsend tonight at Cole’s (1104 Elmwood Avenue), 6-7pm. Snacks and a cash bar, everyone welcome. The Tea Party Coalition promises a series of such forums with statewide candidates.

  • John Rose


  • Ken

    It says something when 99.9 percent of officers who shoot our pets ( family member). are sometimes taken off work duties with pay ( a vacation ) then in most cases if not all cases is purposely suspended from duties from the shooting to when the ones in charge start to deal with anything to let interest die down. In the mean time not giving any statements which they should give statements in the name of transparency. not releasing any video evidence if any taken. which should be released immediately or why else do we put cams on officers. It also says something if an officer whistle blower talks to his superior about a fellow officers wrong doing the whistle blower is ridiculed by fellow officers until the whistle blower has to leave and or fired. while the wrong doers are promoted in ranks.