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Wheels in the Grass Dept.

1962 Imperial, Springville, N.Y.

This black 1962 Imperial sits quite sadly by the side of the road down in Springville, N.Y., probably wondering where its missing parts went. You can still tell it’s a ’62 by the grille-dividing bar which is still visible in the grille cavity (’63s had a full-width grille). Also missing are the rear fender-mounted gunsight taillights, loved by customizers back in the 1960s.

Lights out for this one!

Farther back from the road there sits yet another ’62 Imperial, in worse shape than this one — although neither of them seem to be unrestoreable, for someone with patience and deep pockets!

from the brochure

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

  • paulmorgan01

    Now that’s rich ~ “morality” lessons from this miscreant.

    “I just think my children and your children would be much better off and
    more successful getting married and raising a family. And I don’t want
    them to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally
    valid or successful option.” ~ Carl Paladino

    Are they better off when one heterosexual partner in that “sacred marriage” is a Roman Catholic hypocrite who keeps what his bible calls a WHORE and spawns a bastard child through that out-of-wedlock sordid and condemned by God fornicating? Personally, I don’t think ANY child is “illegitimate”, but that’s what Carl’s “faith” tells us. Has anyone checked this guy for early onset dementia?

    • Jules Weinberg

      he and his messiah trump may suffer the same disease.

  • HapKlein

    I fear Mr Paladino’s plaint, laced with vitriol and rancor, is obviously a review of his superior ability to solve the quandary of Buffalo Students either dropping out or failing to really earn a diploma after High School.

    With no figures or studies to substantiate any claims he insinuates the current school system processes ignorant children without educating them at about $30K annual cost.

    It is obvious Mr Paladino’s enemies are the Minority blue collar type School Board members to which he and Larry Quinn’s noble natures are such obvious contrasts.

    He really thinks good management is imperative except when it is conducted by a Union Executive. In fact if he and Larry could dump the union and privatize the district into Charter Schools all problems would disappear.

    But his enemies are the progressive who with or without education or qualification continue to resist true improvement that Carl, like his mentor Donald Trump, can provide without revealing any plan or design. Just trust these people, they assure, the worse you can do is get nothing or bankruptcy if it doesn’t work.

    Its called Midway Barker assurance.

  • jrus51

    Spot on Carl. Many,many kids in K-8th can not solve the easiest math problems,find our state on a map ,define the easiest terminology,or interact on a social level without swearing or fighting.As a husband of a Buffalo teacher I can guarantee without a doubt the problems Carl talks about are far,far more serious than he states.If you want data talk to one of the kids. You will soon know more than you want.Larry and Carl are our real hope.

    • Luis Clay

      When I ask visitors at the food pantry on Leroy Ave. how the school system serves their children, their response is generally that kids don’t want to take advantage of the opportunities available at schools. I am all in favor of taxpayers seeking effective investments as long as they don’t make personal remarks and they don’t “interact on a social level” in the way that Mr. Paladino does.

      Investors rely on facts and numbers, Mr. Paladino appears to go by the gut. If he thinks about choices and decisions the way he thinks about his peers, he offers no hope whatsoever.

    • paulmorgan01

      “If you want data talk to one of the kids.”

      So the kids in K – 8 can’t find our state on a map but they have “data” on their schools effectiveness?

      “or interact on a social level without swearing or fighting.”

      You’ve just described everything that’s wrong with Carl, and why he is completely
      UN-fit for the position he holds on the school board. Regardless of your wife’s profession, you are not very eloquent, compelling or rational in your defense of this embarrassing racist freak show.

      • jrus51

        There is no eloquence when 8th graders think selling drugs,joining gangs,and getting pregnant are their viable alternatives when education has completely and thoroughly disabused them.
        Today the schools are nothing more than Barmecidal attempts at teaching those who have lost faith and have no hopes other than sterile specious yammerings such as yours.It is not talking to children for the “why”, it is talking to them to see the result.

      • paulmorgan01

        personal anecdotal impressions you get from speaking to a few individuals out of THOUSANDS is not “data”, it’s an emotional barometer, it’s an incomplete snapshot.
        what you said in your statement is that “data” can be obtained by individuals speaking to school children. the only thing clear here is that you’re one of tragic individuals that they American education has failed. the only person inviting the hungry to imaginary feast is Carl Paladino, and the proof is his total lack of professional training or experience in public education, his lack of compassion for the people he slanders, and his coarse and vulgar ignorance. history will judge him, and his supporters, and it will not be kind.

      • jrus51

        As someone who has to hire these fine graduates for the last 25 years and a husband to a Buffalo teacher for over 20 years I can assure you the current system has failed and failed miserably.I have dealt with 100’s of people. Maybe 20% (generous) could fill out a proper application.Less than five could do the most basic jobs without constant re-instruction. After many years I have discovered that they can not define the most basic terms (which tell one what to do).Paladino may be vulgar but the real crime is the constant failure of a system that will not teach the necessary skills to people who will have no choice but to rely on President Johnson’s “Great Society”. …Welfare for life!

      • paulmorgan01

        President Johnson helped insure the rights that American citizens of color could VOTE without intimidation, threats of violence and murder. shame on your ignorance.
        shame on your support of the malignant racist Carl Paladino. he has NO education experience. NONE. it’s like saying, “my doctor failed to effectively treat my cancer, so i’m going with my plumber for health care from here on out.” it’s idiotic.

      • jrus51

        Johnson created 21st century slaves .If you are unwilling to look at what really comes out of the education system then you are doomed to spending it in your safe room with crayons and large soft pillows. You do not deal in the real world or you would see how bad it is.If you think things are fine….well…..then they are. good for you.

      • Pamela Anne

        I vaguely recall a Constitutional Amendment called Freedom of Speech. When do we most need to exercise it? When ppl say things that are considered “offensive”. I wrote a My View column some years back on how an employee of a coffee restaurant needed help to apply a 10% discount to a bill. And I see we STILL have a failed education system. To drain the swamp, we have to bring ppl from other industries onto the board to clean it out – otherwise the same paradigm is reproduced. It’s evident we need a whole new board. Why? Well only 61% of high school student are graduating. When I was in HS, only 1 gal did not graduate b/c she was pregnant. The education system is set up as Wikileaks published to be a place to further a population of a “compliant & unaware citizenry”. God help us.

      • paulmorgan01

        the 2nd amendment says NOTHING about the consequences of free speech.
        you can’t walk into your bosses office and call her a bitch, i mean, you can, you have the right of free speech, and your employer has the right to fire you because your conduct is unfit and unbecoming to your position.

        since you brought up the children, how is it ok, that if a child in the Buffalo Public School wrote this they would be disciplined and face consequences, but a board member does not? leadership of young people means leading by example. Carl is an unfit example to set for our children.

      • Pamela Anne

        I referred to the First Amendment, not the second. You can
        find the full Bill of Rights online, just Google. It’s important to understand
        our founding documents, otherwise you’ll not recognize when they are being
        infringed upon.

        Mr. Paladino was elected to the board. The people put him
        there. If they do not want him there
        next term, they’ll vote him off.

        He apologized.

        Why don’t you take some time on the internet and refresh your
        memory of Left wing politicians calling those on the Right vicious names. I just Goggled and found several records. These were not just nonsense jokes, but names like “Hitler” “Nazi” “fascist” ““rapid response digital Brownshirts.” – all from so-called Left wing politicians. I could not find one instance where any
        of them were removed from their offices for such unprofessional behavior.

        Just yesterday, I heard someone from the teachers’ union
        defending all her children, saying they need support (as opposed to
        discipline). I have a friend who taught in our city. The children were so out of control she could not teach effectively. And the school offered no consequences. When parents were called, they defended the children instead of teaching them to respect authority.

        I repeat, only 61% graduate from high school in Buffalo.

        There are serious problems that are not being solved – issues that are either being ignored or those in charge are incapable of solving them. Many of those who graduated do not read well, can perform basic math computations, write or speak effectively.

        My father started out as a teacher prior to going into
        business. He had a saying: “If a child fails to learn, it’s because the teacher failed to teach.”

        Mr. Paladino is not a child in a classroom. He is an elected
        official. If other elected officials said degrading things of those in the
        other party and were not removed from their offices, the same standard needs to apply here.

  • SCirpili

    The face of school “choice” in Buffalo is Carl Paladino. I wonder why Tapestry, CSAT, Aloma D. and all the other lessee’s aren’t coming out publicly to Carl’s rescue? Anyone..?
    Bye Carl. Take Lars and Patti with you.

  • Luis Clay

    Oh dear, what is the story here? Mr. Paladino would have us believe that QUOTE The real hypocrites are the spineless who sit, unsullied, at the Buffalo and Saturn clubs, judging and discussing “Carl’s poor choice of words” UNQUOTE

    We’ll assume that Mr. Paladino knows a hypocrite when he sees one but nobody at the Buffalo or Saturn clubs, or in the readership of Artvoice for that matter, believes that Mr. Paladino’s references to mad cow disease and Maxie the gorilla of Zimbabwe were anything but pre-meditated, intentionally harmful invective. He even said so in his pitiful lament, printed in Artvoice, “I wanted to say something as sarcastic and hurtful as possible about the people so responsible for the hurt and suffering of so many others. I was wired up, primed to be human and make a mistake. I could not have made a worse choice in the words I used to express my feelings.”

    Was the Buffalo school system responsible for educating Mr. Paladino? Should students that don’t want to learn and fail to take responsibility for their actions be laid at the feet of the school system? Should the school system be held responsible for teaching children that ad hominem (personal) attacks are not the way to express our feelings.

    Mr. Paladino apologized to the “minority community” in Artvoice but his long record of bigotry and this latest outburst is an offence to the entire community. Whether he resigns or is removed by NYS, or not, his record is established. No man is beyond redemption, of course, but we tolerate Mr. Paladino at our own peril.

  • Don Warren

    What was that he said about “blowhard rhetoric?”

  • Thurgood Stubbs

    What a saint Carl is, putting a few million of his own fortune on the line! Why, if he lost that money, he’d only be left with about $150 million to survive on for the rest of his life.
    How would he do it???

    • Thurgood Stubbs

      ….and as we all know, Carl has all that money because he worked a million times harder than the rest of us.

  • Luis Clay

    How many lawyers does Mr. Paladino need to interpret these statements for him: “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech or of the press…” (US Constitution, Bill of Rights) and “Every citizen may freely speak, write and publish his or her sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right;” (NYS Constitution Article 1.8)

    So it is very sweet for Mr. Paladino to say, “I take responsibility…” and “I have apologized to the minority community” but how shall he be held responsible? The court of public opinion may waffle how it pleases but the duty of the Board of Education and of the NYS Dept. of Education is clear, at least if they consider the example set for the children in our community.