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Old Car Dealer Dept.

Buffalo Evening News ad, 11/5/54

Back in late 1954, much like today, not every car dealer felt the need to have a huge advertising budget. Case-in-point: Aschbacher Motors, a Chrysler-Plymouth dealer located at 620 Ontario St. (near Skillen) in Buffalo. This ad appeared in the November 5 edition of the Buffalo Evening News, and measured one-and-three-quarter inches square. A small reminder that you could “save save save” on the remaining 1954 models, as the new ’55s were now in the showroom.

Among those new ’55s was the Chrysler Windsor Deluxe Newport, a two-door hardtop which listed for $2,818. You may find the car in the illustration unusual for some reason — maybe it’s the monochromatic paint job. It seems these days every old 1950s’ car that you see has a two- or three-tone color scheme. But back in the day a single color wasn’t all that unusual, as it was the least expensive choice.

1955 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe Newport

At the other end of Aschbacher’s showroom were the new 1955 Plymouths. This snazzy black-and-red Belvedere Sport Coupe (two-door hardtop) was priced at $2,113 for a six-cylinder or $2,217 for the eight.

Aschbacher went out of business in 1974. Today, 620 Ontario St. is home to Dobmeier Lift Trucks Inc., a local, family-owned business formed in 1961.

1955 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe

620 Ontario St, Buffalo (Feb. 2010 photo)

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know