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R.I.P. Mercury

It’s now official, Ford Motor Company will halt all Mercury production in the fourth quarter of this year. Along with that news came word that the Lincoln nameplate will be expanded, and will probably include Lincoln’s first “C-segment” vehicle, most likely a version of Ford’s new Focus which was originally supposed to be the new Mercury Tracer. As Ford mentioned in its news release, the past three years have seen a major improvement in the Ford product lineup — so much so that many former Mercury drivers were now buying Fords instead.

1961 Mercury

According to news reports, there are currently no stand-alone Mercury dealers, as they’re only sold alongside Lincoln, and often also Ford. It’s unlikely that current Lincoln-Mercury dealers will stay open selling only the Lincoln nameplate, so look for a further consolidation where some Ford dealers will pick up the Lincoln brand.

As I mentioned the other day, the Mercury brand was created in 1939 by Henry Ford’s son Edsel, as a premium brand for Ford drivers to move up to. Over the years the difference between the two has grown smaller and smaller until now, where it’s mostly cosmetic and often not even noticeable from a block away.

  • Max

    I had mixed feelings when I heard the news. I knew it was coming and was sorry to see the Merky go away but on the other hand, I had trouble identifying anything they built in the last 40 years that was memorable. A friend had a ’68 Cougar which was a real classy ride, as were the cars they made in the 50’s and 30’s. Also makes me wonder what all of the airport chauffeurs are going to do when their Town Cars have to be replaced.