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NY Times pats Bflo on the head

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The New York Times online today published this article on Buffalonians who live in the New York City area but maintain an affection for their home town. I’m sure the writer thinks that she is saluting the spirit of Gotham’s poor relation to the west, but it’s an awfully condescending piece filled with thoughtless cliches. To point out what we already know:

We do not all subsist on a diet of wings, weck and Genny Cream.

It does not “snow a lot” by northeast standards (wasn’t Manhattan more snarled by snow this winter than we were?)

We are not bound by a parameter that you have to be “married with three kids by a certain age.” I know very few people who fit that stereotype.

And let’s not overlook that subtle equation of Buffalo with Jersey and Staten Island, Manhattanese for “places where only losers would chose to live.”

  • Kate

    Nothing makes Buffalo look more bush-league than the flurry of local media hyper-attention every time there’s a mention of us in national media. Seriously, who cares if the New York Times are bashing us or talking us up, or a bit of both at the same time? I bet this story will be the lead on 2, 4 and 6 tonight. But really, it affects us locals not one jot whether NYT thinks we eat too many chicken wings. Let’s hear more about how those zoning codes are coming, the pollution cover-up in Niagara Falls, or what we can expect to see at the new Union Ship Canal park. Those are things that matter.

  • M. Faust

    Thanks to the internet (which is the only place the NY Times story appears, as far as I can tell), there’s room to cover it all. Yes, the issues you cite matter more. But subtle digs at our quality of life are picked up on by people and businesses that might consider (however passingly) relocating here. And as a journalist, I hate to let sloppy writing go unchallenged.

  • A less sunny view

    I’m sick of this lollipop gumdrop attitude towards our home city. The only way we’ll move forward is by rooting out the bad and exposing the corrupt.


  • I thought the article was great,so many nice comments from Ny people who went to U B. I miss Buffalo.I live in Sarasota Fl.

  • Max

    I’m glad to see the NYT identifying our many attributes instead of ignoring them or worse, just emphasizing the negatives as has been the case in the past…at least has been the case with Buffalo’s image as portrayed in the national media.