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Knuckle City Films seeks actors

Filed under: Announcements

Knuckle City Films is starting new MAJOR MUSIC VIDEO/SHORT FILM in June and are looking for actors and extras who are looking for exposure.
CALL: 1-866-280-08599 FOR DETAILS

  • harleygrl

    Riiiiight. Because a mentally healthy individual forwards videos of BESTIALITY to only his “friends”.

    God, this man is really sick.
    Get help, Paladino.

    • Nightflyer

      Now, now, we shouldn’t complain about him sending pictures of his first girlfriend to his pals…

  • bigjay69

    Sir, you disgust me in every word you write.You are the subject of ridicule and enmity worldwide. Your opinion of youself is exaggerated and your accomplishments do not hide your racism. Only a child could view you as a hero because we adults see right through your bovine excrement.

    • Nightflyer

      He’s just sorry he got caught.

  • Lamont Williams

    Where was the apology? Did I miss it? I read bunch of self serving political gibberish but I couldn’t find the apology.

    • Nightflyer

      I didn’t see an apology…

      • Sandrajlavoie

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  • Agent Michael Scarn

    Disagree with your assessment, Carl. You are an unapologetic racist, you just don’t have the courage to admit it. You are at the bottom of the scale on the human race.

    • Nightflyer

      He’s so far below the bottom of the scale, he chats with whales…

      • Ridgewaycynic2013

        Whales are too intelligent to waste time on that individual.

      • Nightflyer

        Very true…same with octopuses…octopi…octopots…whatever. But no self-respecting fish would waste time talking with the Combover. Or sea urchins or coral, either. Maybe SpongeBob Squarepants will do it out of sheer politeness, but I can’t see it…

  • SisterSassafras

    Hey Pally, it’s time for a new schtick. This one isn’t working any more.

    • Nightflyer

      Problem is…Trump will likely make him Hauptwachtmeister (Police Chief) of Buffalo…

  • MaxPlanck

    The hasty reply/send mea culpa is lame and darkly underscores his technical, social, civil and cultural estrangement from
    the rest of us. I worked with a fossil like him who routinely forwarded his vile and swill smears to all on his contact
    list, offering the same pathetic excuse. It didn’t get him
    absolution either, just revulsion.

    • Nightflyer

      Not to mention he spent more time grinding his penknives than actually apologizing, and wrote more offensive material than apologetic material, and the only people he seems to really have any concern for is how his 17-year-old daughter is looking at him.
      I bet she’s already got a pretty jaundiced view of him.

  • docrt925

    This response actually only confirms that Paladino is ignorant, arrogant, politically/ideologically warped, clueless about his own vitriol, and a poor example of someone who should guide/influence the education of young people. “Mistakenly” reaching an unintended audience is no excuse for the content of what was said, unless he’s an idiot…or he thinks the rest of us are idiots.

    • Nightflyer

      And he sent it to his friends…you know, tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who YOU are.

  • tatoo

    Paladinonhas friends? How can one be a friend to this piece of scum?

    • Ridgewaycynic2013

      I have always subscribed to the belief that one has many acquaintances in life, but few who can truly be considered friends. Paladino might consider those he forwards the horse porn emails to as acquaintances. With his latest outbursts, it seems he’ll be getting a status update.

    • Nofun

      Go eat sh it, dumb cluck.

    • Eric Morgan

      Fact: Carlo Paladino does a bunch a coke with his little gay-boy friend in his private booth at Rich Stadium. I have no idea why – i.e., this unconventional, seemingly ironic, relationship. All I know is the repulsive guido’s special little friend is not lying about this relationship -or- about the drugs they do together. PS, Carlos’ special little friend informed his mother and she was more concerned about his hanging with that POS than what they put up their noses together.

  • Ta-er al-Asfer

    He can kindly go eat a bag of dicks.

    • Nightflyer

      Send him the spare dildos from Oregon…

  • fatbastard_2012

    Why is it that racists never consider themselves racist?

    • Nightflyer

      Because, as Heinrich Himmler said, genocide is not a racist act…it’s just sanitation. So he and his minions happily butchered millions of innocent people on that theory.
      Racists don’t hate other ethnic groups…to do so would be to admit they are human. They regard the people they hate as NOT being human, as being sub-human, so it can’t be racism, can it?
      Ask any Klukker…

  • joegoldstein

    Thug comedy is best shared with other thugs.

  • Thurgood Stubbs

    This newspaper has become the mouthpiece of a half-wit.

  • Thurgood Stubbs

    It’s all too easy to make mistakes when you’re emotional about the riggedteachers’ contract by an incompetent Board of Education majority who sold out the school district as payback to teacher’s union leader Phil Rumore for his election support.

    Take a breath, Carlo. You might have a stroke and deprive the world of your delightful presence.
    That would be a shame.

  • Dear Leader of Cheetoistan

    His “friend” was the President elect.

  • Red Solo

    I picked up a copy of the Art Voice issue to see first hand. 1) There is not a racist word in Carl’s comment any where, so the local news and others are the one’s making this racist! If I missed a racist word please tell me what is. 2) Carl missed a great opportunity to show everyone what Buffalo needs to move forward in his own works, sorry Carl you blew it. Now they are going to use this to get you off the board because you speak your mind.
    The last question of the 4 was where I must agree with him. There is going to be a huge waste of money if $50 million is spent on an Amtrak station, no business would build a $50M building unless it would generate a pay back in 10 years or less, how many train ticket would they need to sell to break even? Crazy waste of tax payers money once again. Everyone who is for this shame on you! You are the one who need to resign over that comment.

    • Thurgood Stubbs

      So when he said that Michelle Obama should go to Zimbabwe and live in a cave with a gorilla, he was just being funny in a slapstick kind of way, right? He should have also had her slipping on a banana peel.
      Tell me, would you walk into a room filled with black people and make a joke like that?

  • sandersdogman

    The old “If I offended anyone…” faux apology..

  • rloge

    ” I won’t be judged . . . .” Mr Paladino, we DO judge you to be a racist. Like it or not you’re stuck with being a racist. I know that you won’t change so you’ll always be a racist. And we will always call you out on your racist comments. Remain defiant as your credibility slowly, inexorably, gets chipped away.

  • Barton Hall

    Fcuk you Carl.