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Smoke Break

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Are you confounded by smokers at the workplace? Do you sit around with your non-smoking friends and bitch for ten minutes about the ten-minute breaks smokers take—while all you get to do is sit at your desk, eat chips, and bitch about that clique of smokers?

As a boss, do you sit up at night thinking of newer, more degrading ways to ostracize your smoking employees?

Could be you’re just not cool. And there’s very little you can do to change that.

Click the link above to read author Joel Stein: “What I hadn’t understood was that smokers are precisely the type of people who thrive on being ostracized and banished. These aren’t the ex-football players and class presidents who fought for your approval. These are the brooding loners, the ones who — according to the teen smoking analysis found in Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point” — start smoking not because they want to look cool but because it goes along with all their other self-destructive, class-cutting, early-sex, authority-flouting coolness. These are people who willingly put fire in their mouths.”


    It’s just Carl being Carl. He says what he thinks and could care less what other people say or think about him.

    • maof2boys

      Um.. It is couldn’t careless

    • LouieD

      Somebody should slap him across the chops (he’s not man enough to deserve a punch) and not care what he thinks about it.

    • harleygrl

      “He……..could care less what other people say or think about him.”

      Even his own children, apparently – who don’t think very much of him: William Paladino, CEO of Ellicott Development Company states “Ellicott Development takes pride in being a culturally diverse company with over 535 hard-working dedicated employees. We value and respect our employees, friends, partners and all of our commercial and residential tenancies and we do not condone the statements made about the President of the United States and his wife. They were disrespectful and absolutely unnecessary.”
      Probably doesn’t think too very much of his father’s unnatural interest in BESTIALITY, either.
      But who am I to say – maybe in the Paladino home, BESTIALITY is normal.

  • Jukesgrrl

    Yes, I can tell he cares a lot about “black children in our urban centers held prisoner by the cycle of poverty.” That’s an example of humor, Carl.

    There’s never been any question that Paladino is a hateful, cruel person but I’m beginning to wonder if he’s experiencing early onset dementia. That’s not humor. That’s a serious question.

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  • Dikkie Rik

    My wish for 2017? All GOP and all idiots that voted for the freak to catch bubonic plague. All whites to return to where they belong. This is NOT the Americas, as they are all illegal immigrants that murdered the original inhabitants.

    And all racists to get arrested and put to death.

  • Luis Clay

    There is no place for Carl Paladino on the Buffalo School Board or any other public office in Buffalo. He is an embarrassment to himself and to our community.

  • zombie_trump_follower

    I don’t know why anybody is surprised by this. I see comments like these (and even worse) on Breitbart on a daily basis. MOST of them are like these – and the site is run by Trump’s closest advisor!

    There is going to be years and years of this, folks. Get ready.

    • You_Dirty_Rat

      It pales in comparison to the anti-Trump hate spewed by the left in this country. Get used to it there’s going to be eight years of this.

      • WyoFlycaster

        Four years, not eight.

      • harleygrl

        “Eight” years, I don’t think so.
        Let’s not ahead of ourselves, shall we?
        Let’s see if Trump can get through the next TWO without getting impeached or indicted.
        With friends like Paladino and Jeffrey Epstein, it’s going to be the longest two years of Trump’s life…….

      • harleygrl

        You_Dirty_Rat You know you’ve really FUCKED UP when your own kids are ashamed of you, articulate as much on their website, and try to distance themselves from you.

        Well, that is – a NORMAL person would know they had fucked up – Carl Paladino, on the other hand, is obviously very mentally ill. And therefore cannot make that distinction:

      • GoldenParachute

        I put $20 on 8 months at the most!

  • jsexton9

    “Deprecating humor”? Not humor at all, and far worse than “deprecating”. Okay, it may not be racist, but it is at best sophomoric and at worst totally scurrilous. Imagine what President Trump would do to a newspaper that published remarks like that about him or his family. And the Tweets would pour out interminably.

    Paladino has no sense of decency, no filters, and is a disgrace to anyone possessed of the least shred of decency. It is unconscionable that he is still on the School Board, and shameful that he is given a forum by area media.

    • You_Dirty_Rat

      Chill. It was a monkey joke, that’s all.

      • harleygrl

        Uh, no that’s not “all”.
        Paladino, it seems, has a penchant for BESTIALITY vids. Likes to forward them to his friends.
        Maybe you can join in.

      • Lori Sirianni

        You can’t whitewash racist vitriol by blowing it off as a “monkey joke”. What the hell is a “monkey joke”, anyway? Is that like the racist Southerners I knew in South Carolina who referred to African Americans as “porch monkeys”? You can’t normalize the kind of racist stuff Paladino said. Wishing our sitting President dies of vCJD (mad cow disease), calling our classy First Lady a “man” and that she should go live in Zimbabwe with a gorilla is OK with you? REALLY? Just a joke? No, it’s ugly, sick, mean-spirited, and utterly unacceptable for a man who sits on the Buffalo School Board to say about Barack and Michelle Obama or ANY person of color. It’s NOT OK for Paladino to make a “monkey joke” when over half of Buffalo’s schoolchildren are people of color and he sits on the Buffalo School Board. Paladino must resign or be removed from office. Period.

        And for the record, to further demonstrate Paladino’s ignorance, there aren’t any gorillas in Zimbabwe. They live in Central African nations like the Congo, DRC & Rwanda.

  • Bad Seed

    Hard to feel all warm and fuzzy over his survey responses but, also, hard to argue with his response to the comments about his comments. Spot on!

    • Mark Smith

      Except they do not reflect reality.

    • Coffee Hound

      This is how a businessman worth 500+ Million makes his statement and then says if you don’t like it… F you.

      Can’t wait to see how our new President rolls following Jan 20th inauguration.

      These are the leaders elected by our voters. Its pretty damned scary.

    • harleygrl

      Big fan of BESTIALITY, are ya?
      Good for you.
      Maybe YOU should head on over to Trump Tower, you’ll fit in well over there, with Carl Paladino and Jeffrey Epstein……..

      • Bad Seed

        I feel obligated to tip my hat and award bonus points for what may very well be one of the most bizarre, random, and peculiar interpretations in recent memory. Contriving a conjugation to beastiality out of thin air requires a refreshingly unique kind of thought process that is rarely encountered. The only other reasonable explanation would be a transference of a personal proclivity. I’d rather assume the former and salute your stellar unorthodox (or is it “unorthodoxed”?) nature. Bravo!

      • Bad Seed

        Ha… While folding laundry, it dawned on me; your comment wasn’t actually a product of random free association but of lacking reading comprehension. The Buffalo businessman did indeed make a reference to O having relations with an animal in his survey response. If you’re able to re-read my comment, you’ll see that I specifically noted that I felt his answers were “Hard to feel all warm and fuzzy over” and might be able to comprehend that such phrasing is not a ringing endorsement of support.
        I’d prefer not to overburden you with having to re-read the entire sentence so I’ll restate it in a more simplified manner: Paladino’s survey answers were not very nice, however, I found his follow-up comments (addressing his survey answers) to be a more accurate assessment.
        Unfortunately, I will have to walk back my compliments regarding the creativity I attributed to your comment and, instead, fail you for the course… Oh well :-

  • DB

    I don’t understand how anyone whose DNA is in a child that Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes as a B A S T A R D dares to open his mouth the way he does (let alone show his ignorant face in public).

  • You_Dirty_Rat

    It’s about two progressive elitist ingrates who have hated their country so badly and destroyed its fabric in so many respects in 8 years.
    Hard to argue with that.

    • LouieD

      Sure, if you’re an idiot.

      • dncurlgood

        I seem to recall it was your President Obama who said “he has a phone and a Pen” and that “he would veto everything the Reps put forward that he didn’t agree with”.

      • LouieD

        What does that have to do with the ridiculous quote above from Paladino? And what exactly did the Republicans bother to get off their asses to put forward in the past 8 years?

    • Gary White

      The assholes in the Republican congress blocked everything good for this country and just spent 8 years lying about everything he tried to do and damaged the fabric of our society in their selfish stupidity and greed for payoffs from big pharma and the fossil industry.

  • Don Belanger

    Maybe Mr. Paladino should remember that right now he has the First Amendment to thank for his stupid remarks..And that’s being kind to him. This loud mouthed liberal thinks he’s an asshole like Mr. Trump. How doe I know Mr. Trump is an asshole?—he always talks through his when he gives a speech.

    • dncurlgood

      What a stupid comment to make! People like you are why the USA is in the shape it’s in, full of hate and disrespect. Grow up moron – you’re lucky to have the opportunity America gives you!

      • Don Belanger

        Should I thank you personally for the First Amendment or Mr. Paladino? Asshole…You’d be the first to click your heels and give the Orange Clown a one-armed salute!

      • harleygrl

        Paladino has been giving good BESTIALITY videos to his friends.
        You want to thank the 1st Amendment for that, go ahead.

  • MS

    Thank you, ArtVoice, for giving this pathetic human being the opportunity to expose himself.

  • PA Rao

    Okay Carl, we get it. This isn’t about race. This is really about ethics in video games journalism.

  • LouieD

    Hey Paladino, you bleary-eyed junkie: how do you get the orange semen stains out of your shirt when you finish off Donald’s fuckstick?

  • Dev Luthra

    Mr Paladino – it seems obvious to me that you have no understanding of what racism actually is. Get your head out your backside and educate yourself.

  • Arzurama

    In what “reality” does this creature exist? I can only surmise, looking at his buzzed-out face and red-lined eyes, the dude has a waaaay too intimate acquaintance with Big Pharma, and cannot discern his fantasies from actual day-to-day fact. What a slime-wad POS

  • Buttafuoco

    Carl Paladino has self-destructed. The only way he’ll get back to Trump Towers is to mop the floors. Let’s push him to run for governor again so he can take one in the nads one more time!!

    • harleygrl

      Are you kidding, Trump is best friends with a LEVEL III SEX OFFENDER, Jeffrey Epstein. Trump thinks Epstein “is a great guy”, and “a lot of fun”.
      You think Trump won’t let Paladino back in?
      He’ll let him in, and then some.
      Paladino is SICK – he’s been forwarding videos of BESTIALITY to his “friends” online.
      Paladino is right up Trump’s alley.
      In more ways than one………

      • Gayle

        Enough with the Bestiality already.. WE GET IT!!

    • Luis Clay

      What nads? Can you see any bravery in this man?

  • Water is Life

    Why do you continue to give voice to this kind of hate speech? The media has become the megaphone of racism, xenophobia, and mysogyny.

    • harleygrl

      And that BESTIALITY thing from Paladino.
      That’s just SICK.

  • The “Main street media,” eh? This tallow-faced political washout is functionally illiterate yet tries to look down on people like the Obamas, who, love them or hate them, could run intellectual, moral and ethical circles around Mr. Paladino.

  • Chris Gugliuzza

    And this is the real problem in America and the world for that matter. Fighting hate with more hate. Listen to yourselves. I haven’t read anything here that is any better than paladino’s statements. Hate begets hate begets hate.

    • WizardMage

      really? It’s so easy to judge others reactions by saying “nobody is saying anything productive” yet, what’s your productive contribution? If you disagree with Paladino’s vile and despicable comment, please share your “fight” against such a low life?

      • Chris Gugliuzza

        Nor do I judge. Nor did I say what you quoted. Hate is not productive, ever. Nor is fighting. Not a single thing I read here (I did not read the whole thread) was at all productive. Spewing comments and calling names because you disagree with the way someone thinks or speaks is not productive, and I don’t see it being any different, or at all better than his comments. Just because you are on a majority side of a disagreement does not make it right to name call or spew the exact same hate directed toward you. It doesn’t accomplish anything. Again hate begets hate.

      • Chris Gugliuzza

        My productive contribution is that hating a hater does not make things better. It simply makes you a hater too… 😉

    • harleygrl

      What’s not to hate?
      The man is forwarding videos of BESTIALITY to people.
      He’s SICK.

      • Chris Gugliuzza

        I don’t hate. It’s really that simple. Hate doesn’t solve things.

  • Ridgewaycynic2013

    Well, that’s one way to get the page hits up. I told you that you would regret this ‘alliance’, Mr. Moses.

  • David2020

    Paladino is deranged.

    • harleygrl

      Only a deranged man would forward videos of BESTIALITY to his “friends”.
      Who does that?!?
      Only a truly DERANGED individual, that’s who.

  • Yokita Seymour

    I live in Buffalo NY.where this racist pig also lives.only words for you Paladino.FUCK YOU

  • Mr. Magoo

    Look at him – he’s already died of mad cow disease.

  • Joan Urba

    Can be no discussion here. It’s responding to a mad rant. This election has ruined the holidays for millions of people. Let’s try to keep it from ruining our lives.

  • Thurg00d Stubbs

    Merry Christmas and tough luck…

    What a wonderful Christian sentiment!!!
    If only all of us could marry into money and con ourselves into believing that we worked so hard for our riches.

    • harleygrl

      Even more “Christian” is Carl Paladino’s interest in BESTIALITY.

  • WizardMage

    So, WHY is “ART” News interviewing this piece of doo doo? Is this a performance ‘art” piece or something?

  • harleygrl

    This piece of SHITE is passing around videos of BESTIALITY to people.
    He’s mentally ill.

    • Lori Sirianni

      @harleygrl:disqus somehow that wouldn’t surprise me; Paladino seems like a sick individual. Just curious how you know that, though? Did someone forward one of his emails to you? If this is true it needs to be publicized.

      • harleygrl

        I will find the article about it and send you the link but I can’t do it right now, I’m not on my own pc and I don’t really want to type in the word “bestiality” into a search on someone else’s computer!!

      • harleygrl

        But yes, apparently Paladino thinks that videos of women having sex with animals is “hilarious”.
        He’s SICK, I’m telling you.
        Even his own children are ASHAMED of him.

      • harleygrl
      • harleygrl

        Here you go……. this is apparently where Paladino’s bestiality video collection was first published before/during/after his failed political campaign. A word of warning to the wise – DON’T open this at work or on a work computer:

  • SharpStyle

    It’s about a president who for eight years did absolutely nothing for black children in our urban center.

    If he doesn’t even know about ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ – or bother to do the slightest amount of investigation before opening his mouth and proclaiming “nothing has been done” – he’s just broadcasting his ignorance, which makes his words worthless.

  • fatbastard_2012

    This guy is a sick twisted perverted racist.

  • Mamil Dujour

    Oh, the truth hurts so bad, brings out the real haters.