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Wheels In the Grass

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this Jaguar XJ-S V-12

1984(?) Jaguar XJ-S, Machias, N.Y. (nope - 1990!)

is probably a 1984 model — or pretty darn close to it at least. Most foreign manufacturers back then didn’t see the same need for yearly restyling that we Yanks did, so model years are often difficult to tell apart from one another. When you think “V-12” you probably figure it’s a monster in size, but the Jag’s engine was only 326, and it was connected to a GM automatic transmission.

from the brochure

Hot rod? Hardly. Smooth-as-silk boulevard cruiser? You betcha! This week’s find was spotted in a field behind a used-car lot in Machias, N.Y.

Jim Corbran, You Auto Know
WNYers & Losers blog, click here

PS — upon further inspection (today I drove by again and was able to check the reg. sticker on the windshield) it’s a 1990. Like I said, they all look alike! jc

  • Dave Lavigne

    Buffalo is one of the worst, if not THE worst, PDs in the country for killing innocent pets. While many cops go their entire career without ever shooting a dog, a few bad cops in the Buffalo PD have each killed dozens of dogs in a few short years. Just a terrible PD that needs to be brought in-line and a few of the bad apples fired! They are not fit or morally capable of carrying a badge due to their corrupt nature.

    • Laura Austin

      It wasn’t like that in the days my dad was a police officer throughout his career. He loved his dogs and probably rolling over in his grave about this horrific dog killing problem us animal lovers are experiencing now. 🙁

  • michael92064

    We should pop the bubble about the myth that most police never have drawn their weapon during their entire career. The DOJ does not keep those statistics.

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    • Laura Austin

      Absolutely, I would love to hear what excuse they come up with. 🙂

  • bencather

    Case looks really promising. Krafchak refusing to give a direct answer about what police she talked to will go over great at trial. And Urban can’t seem to find a counselor to help him after all this time. He also claims he can’t eat, yet weighs 300 lbs.

    The City Attorney Huggins ate your lunch Matt.

    • Laura Austin

      I don’t blame Krafchak not giving names, what’s the purpose so they can be intimidated too. It was merely hear say, they didn’t witness the killing. If Urban hasn’t been working how do you expect him to pay for a counselor, their not cheap providing their service. Also you don’t know if he might have a sever health problem why he’s over weight, could be a thyroid problem. That happens to a lot of people.. think about it.

      • bencather

        Krafchak refusal to state the names at trial will cause her to be charged with Contempt. This will cause a bit of a sticky-wicket for the case as Judge and jury will then perceive her as a liar. This happens to a lot of people. Think about it.

        Urban made no attempt to receive counseling for his stated psychological complaints. There are free mental health services available. Like Krafchak he will be questioned at trial. The details of the search warrant will also be made clear, which may provide information that narcotics were sold/used at his apartment, leading a Judge and jury to believe he’s involved in criminal activity, thus weakening the case. This happens in a lot of trials. Think about it.