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Old Car Dealer Dept.

1956 Yellow Pages ad

When the 1955-56 edition of the Yellow Pages was published, Vaughn & Braun Inc. billed itself as Buffalo’s Oldest Chrysler, Plymouth dealer. By the time the ’60-’61 book came out they were Buffalo’s newest former Chrysler, Plymouth dealer as they had by then closed up shop. But in 1956, when they’d been around for 30 years or so, they were at what some today might consider an odd location: 655 Genesee St., just up the road a bit from downtown Buffalo. These days it’s another empty building, last home to New Prattmore Liquor.

655 Genesee St., Buffalo, N.Y. today

Hard to believe now, but back in the day downtown was not only filled to the brim with department stores, night clubs, and restaurants, but there were a bunch of car dealers down there too!

In 1956 you could find yourself a new Plymouth at Vaughn & Braun for as little as $1,784 for the Plaza business coupe, or if you were Daddy Warbucks you could write a check for $4,523 (plus tax & tags) and drive home in a Chrysler New Yorker Town & Country wagon — how about melon-colored with the wide whites?

from the brochure, '56 Ply. Plaza bus. cpe

from the brochure, '56 Chry. T&C wagon

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

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  • T. D.

    Well it’s official. Artvoice has turned into the Niagara Falls Reporter. I guess Frank bought himself a new, bigger mouthpiece, but this article, and recent ones, prove that Artvoice is done.