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Chris Collins: Running Culture like a Business

Click here to see today’s report from the Erie County Comptroller’s office, detailing the hoops that cultural organizations have been made to jump through under his leadership. The text of the report explains the situation, while Appendix D (last page) gives you the bottom line as of April 9, 2010.

Of the 55 organizations listed for legislature funding in 2010, only 24 contracts have arrived at the comptroller’s office, and no organization can be paid unless a valid contract is on file there. The report details how the Collins administration altered the basic contracts, requiring each agency to expand their board of directors to include new members appointed by the county executive.

Just think about that.

I mean, would a ballet company get a seat at the table if it were to offer lap dances to the Collins-appointed board member?

That’s a JOKE, get it? Sheesh! You artsy types have no sense of humor at all! I’m going back to Spaulding Lake!

  • the huh?

    Does this mean that if Chris “Six-Sigma” Collins doesn’t like the content of what an individual organization is showcasing, then his strategically placed conservative minion’s can squash it?

  • Betty Jean Grant

    How is Heavens name, can a cultural organization budget for this year’s events and performances when they MAY get reimbursed in 2011, IF the money is available.This is not government, this is dictatorial blackmail in the highest form; and there is little we can do about it until the county executive election in 2011.

  • Jim

    ‘Six Sigma’ pays the fiddler, so he gets to call the tune. Don’t like that? Then cough it up and support what YOU want. Of course, if the CE was paying for ‘non-conservative’ culture that you approve of, no doubt you’d be offended that somoeone out there disapproves of what YOU want. Sauce, goose, gander. Quite frankly, the gov should be completely OUT of the ‘culture’ racket.

  • It’s all about control with Chris Collins…the business concept has nothing to do with anything, it’s simply about control. What he stands for is obvious. No audits no watchdogs…that’s the world of corporate america, isn’t it? What’s he hiding? Double time for overtime, that’s what he’s hiding? He approved the contract, Mr. I am for the taxpayer shows he’s screwed the taxpayer! And YOU PAY FOR IT!