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Wheels in the Grass

1956 Ford Tudor, Wales, N.Y.

What you’e looking at is a 1956 Ford Tudor.

Now, it’s either a Customline or a Mainline; according to all of my sources, a Mainline’s side trim would end just behind the front door, while the Customline’s trim would carry on to the tip of the front fender, just short of the headlight. This car, spotted in the back of a Town of Wales, N.Y. parking lot, has neither. Not surprising though, looking at the rest of the car. Hood’s been de-chromed, chrome wheels with baby moon hubcaps, hood pins… and those killer “blind-spot” outside rearview mirrors! The V-8 emblem on the front fender indicates one of three engines probably sits under the hood — or at least did when it was new. Ford offered 272, 292, and 312 cu. in. V-8s back in ’56. Mainline Tudors (106,974 produced) started at just under $1,500 while the Customline (164,828) went for $1,939.

…Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

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brochure pg., '56 Customline

brochure pg., '56 Mainline

  • Alex

    Very nice car.. Father had one.

  • Max

    I always liked the ’56 and thought it was one of Ford’s most visually appealing cars – especially the ones with the two-tone paint jobs. Ford also promoted its safety features that year featuring a recessed steering wheel and safety belts – which was novel at the time – but safety was a alien concept to the American market and that effort didn’t take hold until the 60’s.

    However, the ’56 Ford was marketed on a Lee Iaccoca campaign – who was then a VP @ Ford – as “get a ’56 for $56” – on a monthly installment plan.

    Thanks, Jim!