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Tea Bag Swag

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There was a big Tea Party thing down by the commercial slip this morning. Three tour buses, and lots of angry white people. If you missed it, you missed your chance to get neato T-shirts and stickers that can proclaim your anger to everyone, even when you finally get tired of shooting your mouth off.

“Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms should be a convenience store, not a government agency,” read one. Should be popular at the next militia cookout.

Also popular: “I (heart) Fox News”, a picture of an M-16 with the phrase “COME AND TAKE IT”, and for you ironic hipsters, how about a red “Enjoy Capitalism” shirt in the Coca-Cola font? Clever. “I Am the Mob” and one where the word “SOCIALISM” is illustrated by a man holding a bag of money, as another man levels a gun at his head.

They’re making a mint off the old “Don’t Tread On Me” flag, too. Which I always thought was cool, but now that the teabaggers have adopted it, I find it about as interesting as an “I’m With Stupid” t-shirt.

Lots of anti-Obama crap for sale, as you can imagine.

My favorite part of the circus atmosphere were the other demonstrators/street performers who crashed the Tea Party. Here, a couple of billionaires were getting their message out…

And then there were the British Loyalists, resplendent in red coats, who paraded in to decry the dumping of tea (“It’s delicious!”), and explaining the price of freedom to confused onlookers. One mobster suggested they should be thrown into the canal.

Overall, a much smaller turnout than the seven-thousand who assembled at the Old South Meeting House in Boston in 1773, before a hundred or so broke off, dressed up as Mohawk Indians, boarded British ships, broke open boxes of tea with tomahawks and dumped them into the harbor. But the marketing at today’s event was much more sophisticated.

  • maureen melcher

    I would rather have a cup of coffee with a side of civility please:)

  • parker livingston

    angry white people is a racial slur….

  • Uncle Sam

    nice early halloween event
    i dressed as sarah palin in drag



  • Matty

    Here’s some video we shot that day…