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Major Announcement of a Significant Milestone

Confirming what we accurately printed without official confirmation, here’s an ad that appears in the current issue of The Challenger.

An announcement so significant, in fact, that neither Reverend Chapman nor SUNY at Buffalo would risk confirming its very existence to Artvoice.

And click here to download the HUD contract with McCarley Gardens, which was to run for 20 years when it was signed by Chapman in 2005—around the same time the sale of the place was first being discussed behind closed doors.

Bonus: Hey kids! According to the ad, Byron Brown will be there!

  • Chester

    I read and enjoy Artvoice. I’ve enjoyed reading many Buck Quigley pieces and postings, but I feel there’s some back story I’m missing about Quigley’s intense animus toward Simpson and UB 2020. I understand that reasonable people can disagree on these issues, but Quigley’s postings are so close to rants that I find myself wondering if there isn’t something deeply personal just below the surface. I hope someone will enlighten us.

  • As a student at UB and an anti-poverty activist, I too share this vendetta against John Simpson using my tuition money to displace 150 families and create 1,000 shitty mcjobs.