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Friday Night, in the Arms of Tuesday

A little while ago, a friend sent AV some poems by a freshman at SUNY Frewdonia named Zachariah Braunscheidel. And we haven’t had room for poetry in the weekly print paper for a while, so we thought we’d publish one of his poems online:

We came as two figures in the dark
Without illusion, pretense or reserve
We offered each other our words
Because it is in them that we harbor
Our honesty and mutual vulnerability
And we did this, in the hopes
That the air we have so long pushed around
Might be received, understood
And returned in different intervals
With the same warm breath
That caresses on our necks, and closes the void between hearts and old scars
With soft and tender flesh

zachariah braunscheidel

  • moe gavin

    zach, it is good that you’ve paid attention to beauty and mystery of being…
    this captures one of those moments…
    keep up the cause

    let’s get a sub again real soon!

  • Zack, Very well done. I bet you have more like these; keep them forever it is great stuff!

  • “Friday Night In the Arms of Tuesday” My favorite Zak poem to date! Excellent! Way to go, Zachariah! Keep them coming!

  • Jenna Witterman

    This is my favorite poem by far that you have, it gets better and better every time I read it!
    You’re so talented, and never cease to amaze me.

  • Enjoying the moment of life! What a beautiful poem. Nice.

  • Donna Braunscheidel

    Zac, I am impressed!! You seem to have many talents, keep up the good work. I can’t wait to read more publications.

  • Leah

    Zac, your poems are amazing. I am always so impressed. You are so talented, keep them coming!!

  • Jeff Raczkowski


    I was very impressed with your poem. Your choice of a poem in free verse gave you the opportunity to be more flexible in your overall theme. The best part is that your poem relates to everybody; a benefit that many writers and poets seem to forget how to do from time to time. Great job!

    Mr. Raz

  • Tammy O’Keefe-B

    What a beautiful slice of time captured by your words…

  • Sheri Braunscheidel

    As Proud as I can be! It takes a special person to live in the moment, drink in the meaning, whether good or bad, and share a beautiful growing spirit. Can’t wait to see more ! xxoo

  • Lancey Howard

    I read Zachariah’s poem “Melancholy” at Pat’s Pizzeria in the Riverside Review! It had a trailer in front of it:(As Winter ends and Spring begins a poem by Fredonia State’s Zac Braunscheidel…) The timing was exquisite as the temperatures are going to be in the mid 70’s in March. The poem gave the environment a feeling

    To quote Zac:

    “Veteran of cold winter,
    I wish you not to take me back so soon…”

  • Simon Magus

    Since we’re getting into restaurants: I read “Set Slow Approaching Snowfall” at Frank’s Sunny Italy in North Buffalo, in the Buffalo Rocket. The verse that got to me was:

    Set slow approaching snowfall
    Bury all my wayward tracks
    So that I may not know
    Where I have come from

    I think it’s great this young fella is being published throughout Western New York, it’s really good stuff!

    (Hey Zac, who’s your agent, I want to hire him…)

  • Mary Ayoungin

    Hey Zac, We get the Buffalo Rocket here at Buff State. They published your photo, and all I can say is “We have a lot of room over here for English Majors.” My Sorority Sisters wouldn’t mind if you came over here and read us the phone book…

    By the way, we had a contest to see who would write to you, and I won!
    (It was a pillowfight)

    Best Wishes, I’ll watch for your name in book stores!

  • James Drenning

    Once again; great job Artvoice! Is there a book or a compilation written by Zachariah Braunscheidel that could be purchased? If not now, I hope you will let us know when. I’d like to get a first edition!

    Go Sabres!

  • Christa Vullo

    Nice job Zac.

  • Al Jafarjian

    Great job Zac, our family enjoyed this!

  • Barb Thomasulo

    I always knew you had a gift for words! Beautiful poem. I expect to see many more!

  • Leeann

    Zac, this is the definition of good poety. i love it.

  • Darkness

    A droplet tick-tocks slippery thoughts this Tuesday night
    looking forward and backward while its autumn anatomy plunges
    connection, collision, implosion
    slickly quickly flattening, resembling dry humor
    seeking a parched particle to saturate.