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I Dropped My Damn iPhone and Facebook Saved Me $$

Filed under: Local Interest

The other night I was opening the door to Artvoice and my iPhone slipped from my fingers and hit the sidewalk hard. The glass had more cracks than the face of the Old Man of the Sea. Our editor had done the same thing recently and just went out and bought a new iPhone. I wasn’t prepared to do that, especially since it did still work. I discovered the Apple Store would replace the glass for over $200 with tax. Not good! Then I remembered someone “friending” Artvoice on Facebook with the name of “IPhonerepair Buffalony”. Digging through our “friends” I found that our iPhone repair friend was Dan McElroy who said he could replace the glass in less than an hour for $80. Done deal! I’m glad to have sparkling new glass on my iPhone and figured I should share this resource with our Artvoice readers: iPhonerepair is Dan McElroy and he’ll repair 3g and 3gs phones (usually in less than an hour). Replace glass, switches, camera, ear piece, etc. Call Dan at 903-4013.

  • Hey, that’s pretty cool!

  • Alan Thomas

    You still overpaid at $80 what a rip off

  • aces

    $80 sound damn good to me. You could try and do it yourself by sending for the repair materials and maybe following a YouTube video, and risk screwing it up, and spending a lot of time…. otherwise, this is the best option I’ve heard of. Beats the pants off of the Apple store.