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Paladino off to a Shakey Start in NYC

Filed under: Local Politics

Carl Paladino

Gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino made the New York Daily News for comments comparing the Health Bill to the 911 terrorist attacks. That infuriated families of those who died in that event and the police and firefighters who responded to the emergency. An online poll run by the Daily News had 67% of New Yorkers offended by Paladino’s remarks. We hope this isn’t going to be a replay of the Chris Collins starring role in “Stupid things people from WNY say.”

  • Danno

    This guy is the biggest idiot that has come out of Buffalo in decades!!!

  • John Straubinger

    Carl shares Ed Schultz’s Psycho-talk with Glenn Beck on MSNBC with his comments:

  • paladino + collins = upstate loss of credibility

    Thank you Carl for setting us back into the Stone Age of NYS politics. NYC and Albany will really take us seriously now !! (that is when they want to know what the rightwing rednecks really think)

  • nydefenseguy

    Mr. Paladino should be taken seriously. He is not a career politician nor bought off by the lobbyists. Believe it or not he might even place the people first. I find speaking directly without PC cations refreshing. Keep plugging away!!!

  • Nikita

    Psycho talk, that means you don’t listen, I heard Glen Beck state we are all being used by a few men leading our State, our Senate, like the Three Men in a Room are so led and it keeps us, all the little people, fighting and hating and the greed and corruption rules!