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Old Car Dealer Dept.

from the Nov. 13, 1963 Buffalo Evening News

Back in November 1963, just nine days before President Kennedy was assassinated, Royal Rambler was throwing a three-day grand opening party at their 1790 Main St., Buffalo dealership. Door prizes, refreshments, and of course the complete lineup of 1964 Ramblers were there for all party-goers.

from the brochure, '64 Rambler Classic 770

I imagine one of the groups happiest about Royal’s grand opening was the folks who make and change the signs. Back in 1958 1790 Main was the home of O’Neill Motor Corp., a Ford dealer; in 1959 the name changed to Al Ives Ford; then came Royal Rambler, whose party would be short-lived — in 1967 the crew came in and put up new, Dowdall Lincoln/Mercury signage, which also didn’t last long.

1790 Main St., Buffalo N.Y. today

Eventually 1790 Main became home to Record Theatre, billed at its opening in 1976 as the world’s largest record store. And it’s still there today, although it’s been scaled back somewhat over the years, it’s still huge and pretty diverse.

…Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

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  • Betty Jean Grant

    Record Theater was the bomb back then. I came to buffalo in 1970 and I remember when they opened the store. The place was like a music wonderland. In 1884, my daughters and I sat in line for 8 hours to secure Michael Jackson’s Victory ’84 tickets. This area has lost so much; Twin Fair, IDS, Sattler’s,Grants, multiple bowling alleys and the list goes on. Until we find a way to bring retail back on Main Street and to the Main Place Mall, Buffalo and this area will continue to stagnate! Other places have rebirths;most of it focused around tourism. When is it going to be our time? I can not buy a new car, a sunday dress or a decent coat unless I travel miles from the downtown retail area (excuse me, we have no retail area downtown). What is wrong with this picture?

  • Camille Hopkins

    Betty, as a current elected representative in the Erie County Legislature and a former City of Buffalo Councilmember, YOU had the power and influence to make these areas better for the people who elected you. You SHOULD have had some ideas that would work by now. Please take a time-out and let someone with workable ideas have a go at it. The people of WNY deserve better.

  • Hello everyone thanks for good information.