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Neon Indian

Filed under: Music

Neon Indian, one of the monikers held by 21 year-old Alan Palomo, made a dent in the psychedelic music scene this year with the release of his debut album Psychic Charms (Lefse Records). The album combines lo-fi recording techniques with electronic beats and samples to create a sound that flows like the score to a 1970’s exploitation film. Every song progresses in a drugged out blur, with layers upon layers of swirling guitar and keyboards mixed with bright, fuzzy vocals and sometimes-bombastic beats. The record is highlighted by gems including “Ephemeral Artery,” a body moving 1980’sesque dance track, and “Should Have Taken Acid With You,” which comes off as an ode to the Magnetic Fields, with it’s quacking keyboards and hypnotizing laser sounds. Palomo, who hails from Austin, Texas and composes all of the music for Neon Indian, created the band in 2008 as a side project to compliment his full time project, VEGA, which has a more glossy, modern disco sound. Both projects clearly draw from the same source of nostalgic, analog inspired, psychedelia, but Neon Indian sticks out, relying on dream-pop synthesizer sounds to create a washed-out haze, which contrasts VEGA’s more polished sound. Palomo will be joined on the stage of Soundlab on Friday (March 12) by a full band to recreate his psychedelic sound and send the crowd into an acid flashback. Wooden Waves opens the show.

-cory perla

9pm. Soundlab, 110 Pearl St. (440-5907). $13-$15.

  • bflogayle

    These residents, who, to a man and woman, live on West River Road, claim
    they object to the state’s proposed bike path for various reasons such
    as safety and the urgent need to keep two parallel roads.


    • Jeremy Barnes

      The people protesting are all people who own property adjacent to the land and claim they object due to safety concerns and the need to have two parallel roads.

      • bflogayle

        Yes, I got that. I was referring to the “to a man and woman” comment.

  • Christopher Duff

    It would serve West River residents right if the state built a huge sound-dampening wall between the homeowners and the proposed park. For safety reasons.

  • Melissa J.

    They don’t own the waterfront no matter how many silly lawn signs they put out or how much they demonize the supervisor to make it so. The fact is they are throwing a temper tantrum fueled by political agenda, xenophobia, and snobbery. You’d think they were suffering a great injustice by the drama they are dusting up, its a bike path people.