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Saab In; Hummer Out

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A while back I promised not to report another Saab story until the sale from General Motors to Spyker Cars NV was finalized. Well hallelujah! Earlier this week, on February 23, GM and Spyker completed the deal.

The very next day, GM announced that the pending deal they had to sell the Hummer brand to the Chinese manufacturer Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines, was — are you ready — DEAD! Tengzhong is claiming they failed to get final approval for the acquisition from the Chinese government. So now the Hummer death watch begins.

And I won’t report any more about it until it’s over, one way or the other. Enough is enough!

…Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

  • Max


    Future historians will trace America’s decline – amongst other “leading indicators” – to when the Hummer was routinely accepted as regular, everyday transportation.

    I can’t imagine a more suitable icon for the excesses of the past years as that loathsome, bulbous vehicle. It won’t ever happen but GM ought to buy them all back and send them to the crushers.

  • I don’t even see any new Hummer productions. Their Gm is not an innovative guy. He is just sitting on his butt doing nothing.