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Mr. Lif

Boston based hip-hop artist Jeffrey Haynes, also known as Mr. Lif, is ready to tell you what he thinks about the government, no matter who is in charge. On the title track of his newest album, I Heard It Today (2009), which he released on his own record label, Bloodbot Tactical Enterprises, he makes references to the housing crisis of 2009, September 11th, the 2008 election and the war in Iraq… in his first verse alone. His lyrics come off like a CNN news ticker, filtered through a conspiratorial libertarian point of view, and dripping with a sense of mistrust that he is not hesitant to express, even in the era of Obama. The first words on his latest album are “Oh I see, so uh, we all supposed to just start trusting the government again cuz we got a friendlier face to it now, huh?” (Welcome To The World). He’s fed up with all the promises and his only comfort now is a little bit of smoke to settle his nerves. His style and sound is similar to some of the artists he has collaborated with such as Aseop Rock and Akrobatic, but Mr. Lif takes it to the next level lyrically, and even musically. “I Heard It Today” is full of his typical in your face rap style and huge beats, but is contrasted by the kind of electronic bleeps and blips you might expect to hear on a Brian Eno album.  His diverse collection of words, beats and sounds has plenty of pop sensibility, while drawing inspiration from rock and electronic music as well. Expect an equally diverse crowd of indie music fans, grooving hip-hoppers and forward looking political crusaders when he hits the stage of Soundlab on Saturday (Feb. 27).

— cory perla

9pm. Soundlab, 110 Pearl St. (440-5907)

  • Broc Bunch

    This sounds heeeeady