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Old Car Dealer Dept.

Buffalo Evening News ad, Nov. 7, 1961

Back in 1961, when this ad ran in the Buffalo Evening News, A. I. Hubbard Motor Sales was carrying a rather unusual combination: Checker and Rambler. The Checker, sold primarily as a taxi, was trying to broaden its market by positioning itself as an “upscale” car. It was roomy, and durable, but not very stylish, so not many people took the bait. The last Checker sedan, mostly unchanged from the original 1956 model, rolled off the Kalamazoo assembly line in July, 1982.

Rambler, which lasted a bit longer (although the name disappeared after the 1969 models, when all former Ramblers were known as AMCs), eventually met the same demise as Checker. The 1987 Eagles were the final AMC cars to be built; AMC’s Jeep brand was sold off to Chrysler — and that was that.

The Hubbard dealership is currently the site of a collision shop, and according to the sign in the window, is for sale.

…Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

1961 Checker

1961 Rambler Ambassador

170 W. Ferry St. today

  • Max


    Another great insight; I never knew that Buffalo had a Checker dealership. While that’s history, I read recently where the Mayor of Denver has selected a 1981 Checker as his official city car. It’s not a decision based on ‘political’ posturing but rather he prefers the Checker for the ease of getting in and out; the Mayor’s a tall guy!