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Shooting in Allentown

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I was at home in my kitchen on Trinity Place in the block west of Elmwood at about 12:30 when I heard gunfire, maybe 20 or 30 rounds stretched over two or three minutes. From my back window I could see people running slowly down Virginia Street, away from Elmwood. After the first, concentrated bursts, there was a single shot, then another, then silence. Then sirens.

When I stepped outside and into the street a few minutes later, Trinity was blocked by police cruisers at Virginia. An officer drove down to where I was talking with a neighbor and asked us to go inside our houses. There was an active shooter in the neighborhood, he told us. One officer had been hit, nobody else. He said a SWAT team was preparing to enter a house where they thought the shooter had holed up.

More as I know it.

UPDATE: Although they sounded as if they were coming from Virginia Street, apparently the gunshots were just down the block on Trinity, where police were trying to defuse a hostage situation.

  • slave2superpwr

    the side streets to delaware from Elmwood are closed off down here. very exciting stuff.

  • Glad to hear you are safe, Mr. Kelly. And let’s hope a fast recovery is enjoyed by the wounded officer. Is it me or does Buffalo seem to be experiencing more serious episodes of violence lately?