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Allentown Shooter Killed

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A loud explosion—a concussion grenade?—ripped through the neighborhood a couple minutes after the bursts of gunfire. From my backyard I watched the SWAT team prepare to enter the carriage house at 57 Trinity. One officer shouted, “Eric! Eric, shout out to us if you’re in there! Eric!” as a half dozen or so officers streamed into the backyard. “Watch out for crossfire,” another officer shouted. “Watch out for crossfire.”

Three loud bangs—possibly the door being battered down. Another flash and bang, then periodic shouts. A couple of shots fired. After perhaps five minutes, maybe 10, the SWAT team began to file out of the carriage house, their weapons pointed downward. An officer is a squad car outside my house confirmed the shooter had been shot. “Sounds like that’s how he wanted to go,” the officer said.

  • peter

    Live-blogging a shootout in your own backyard, eh, Geoff? Sounds like an exciting day.