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Kuzma? Cooney?

In this story posted last night, Channel 2’s Aaron Saykin buttonholes State Senators Bill Stachowski and Dale Volker about their objections to specific program cuts in Governor David Paterson’s proposed budget.

Saykin ends the report like so:

Senator Stachowski, who is facing a primary challenge from Erie County Legislator Tim Kennedy (D-South Buffalo) promised us some specifics within a few week. We’ll be sure to follow up with him.

Um, Aaron, there are other candidates: Attorneys Mike Kuzma and Sean Cooney have thrown their hats into that ring, too. Any particular reason for naming only Tim Kennedy?

  • For the same reason no one mentions the name of Democrat Jonathan Tasini. A long ago announced candidate for the U.S. Senate vs Kirsten Gillibrand.

    Yet, Harold Ford II, a man totally unknown to Western New York, a loser in a recent Senate race in his home state of Tennessee, a Clinton friend and millionaire banker, and New York State resident of only 4 years is given wide coverage. Why would this man be taken seriouisly? Because the media will make it possible betting on the potentail for hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising potential he could produce. Political coverage is for sale and not for free coverage.

    So according to the system, Kennedy gets mentioned because he is an elected official, has a war chest and access to Golisano money. As a result Democracy draws the short straw and never learns about other challengers.

    I obviously support both Kuzma and Tasini..

  • dab

    Seriously – there are no other candidates, Kennedy is Higgins boy, and other than South Buffalo – which thinks the world revolves around them – there is no race. Last time I looked west seneca and cheektowaga had about ten times the voters so buf had, yet people run scarred of the big machine… sorry folks if it was so big mickey kearns would be mayor right now.. Kennedy ran for county leg to be able to run for state senator while getting paid by the county, I am not sure he was even sworn in and he was announcing his intent to run – very loyal to your district Tim… and obviously NOT the sign of a career politician.. who would take money from one office while running (safely) for another office. answer: ummm a career politician. kennedy is that obviously… gotta love sarcasm..