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Battle @ Buffalo

Shane a.k.a. B-Boy Depree, founded Verve Dance Studio in 2005.  His purpose was clear.  Spread the culture or breakdancing, and create a hip-hop dance scene in Buffalo.  It’s safe to say that he has reached that very purpose.  Every month, anywhere from 150-250 b-boys and b-girls show up from Rochester, Syracuse, and even Canada to Shane’s dance studio for his event, Battle @ Buffalo.  This event features a 16-slot b-boy/b-girl dance battle as well as an 8-slot “everything besides breaking all styles battle”.  If you feel like your skills aren’t up to the level of battling and competitions, that’s okay too.  Verve Dance Studio is open to people of all levels of breakdancing and hip-hop dancing.  Whether you’re there to battle it out, or just watch, you’re guaranteed to feel an overwhelming positive energy that you won’t find anywhere else.  What’s most important for Depree is the spreading of Hip-Hop culture, and expressing yourself positively.  This month, the event is this Saturday, January 30th.  Doors open at 7pm sharp and Battles start at 8pm so try not to be late!

read more at:

7pm | Verve Dance Studio, 910 Main St. | 432 – 2761 | | $5

  • bencather

    Pity this article wasn’t published before the Primary Election……

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  • Peter_A_Reese

    Too bad this article was not published in time to inform the people who voted for Sacha on September 13. Has the author sent a copy to former AV wunderblogger, Alan Bedenko? As I recall Mr. Bedenko has been a primary purveyor of the Sacha myth. It is unfortunate that Judge Sedita, who is not now in a position to defend himself, has been the target of so much of the false rage generated by this bogus tale. Without constant retelling by Bedenko, the Buffalo News, the Erie County Democratic Committee leadership and even the Buffalo for Bernie Sanders people, this fallacious legend would have crumbled under its own dishonest corruption years ago.

    The truth has been out there for years. Apparently no one was willing to take the time to expose it publicly. I guess the false narrative Sacha purveyed was more in line with the agendas of those who perpetuated it.


    Great story. Lots of solid research here.

  • ljjr2112

    I would rather hear the story about how parlato got indicted in November and now needs more time to “Go Over Things”. Sounds like someone might be getting ready to take a plea,what with all the indictments surrounding Solar City going on. Could a certain party be a CI for Preet Bharara? Someone should put farina on the case as he’s the big “Investigative Journalist” on this rag and the reporter. I forgot,Not going to happen,His paychecks are signed by parlato……………………..

  • DysfunctionalEquivalent

    The once respectable Artvoice is now a tabloid by this “author” and “publisher”. I’m surprised there aren’t stories about aliens and 4 inch people in every issue.

  • Hank Kimball

    I can tell Tony Farina didn’t write this because some of the sentences are actually grammatically correct. But it’s still an absurd hit job on one of Pigeon’s foes.

  • John Smith

    This is a disgusting article. You take what reads as the worst possible kind of family tragedy, and try to use it to smear the victims. The author has no soul.
    And he cherry-picks language from the decision to avoid revealing how ridiculous it was. it went something like this:
    1-The first amendment does not apply to public servants while they are performing their duties.
    2-Sacha had a professional duty to report conflicts of interest.
    3-Therefore, Sacha is not protected by the first amendment while reporting conflicts of interest.