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The Answer Is: Chris Collins Won’t Run for Governor

Prediction: Reviewing recent poll numbers that show his Republican rival Rick Lazio gaining on Andrew Cuomo and beating David Paterson, Erie County Executive Chris Collins will begin to suspect that the advice of his political consultant, Michael J. Hook, that he should run for governor is motivated more by greed than by polls.

Collins, having spent close to a million bucks with Hook’s firm so far, is already a gravy train; a run for governor would be like a gravy train with a side of bonanza.

His candidacy’s failure to gain traction downstate will seal the county executive’s sense that he’s being fleeced, and seal the deal: The ambitious Collins is stuck in the Rath Building.

  • Buffalo Booster

    he may, however, run for US Senate against Kirstin Gillibrand. The GOP is desperately seeking a candidate for that race and has found no one. The GOP hates primaries, so they want to get him out of the Governor race and clear the way for Rick Lazio. This way, the GOP and Collins can save face and he can claim he is the “chief executive, not a chief politician” (which is a lie) and run for that seat…

  • My prediction; The only Chris Collins will run for is cover.

  • My prediction; The only THING Chris Collins will run for is cover. (hate my keyboard)

  • justathought

    the only thing a poor people-hating,jewish people-hating, sick people-hating man should run to is back to Spaulding Lake!

  • Steve Pigeon

    AnswerLady.. I understand your frustrations.. Maybe Chris Collins can give you a lap dance to relieve your tensions.

  • Wow – the first time LOL was really LOL. Thanks Steve!