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Friday: Big Lebowski Bowling Party @ Riviera Theater

Like the laid-back, passive “Dude,” played by Jeff Bridges, and his tightly wound sidekick Walter Sobchak, played by John Goodman, “The Big Lebowski” kind of grows on you. Ten years after this Coen Brothers film first opened it has developed into a cult classic among those who appreciate its whacked out plot, its hilariously off color dialogue, and, of course, its unforgettable characters. Now the wacky, memorable masterpiece hits the big screen locally once again, as part of a multi faceted event at the Riviera Theatre in North Tonawanda where a Big Lebowski party will take place on Saturday (Jan. 16). Whether it’s the cool costumes, brilliant dialogue, or tremendous soundtrack (…?), Big Lebowski parties have been sprouting up all over the country. This one just happens to be in our own back yard. The festivities will benefit the beautiful, historic Riviera Theater. The evening begins at 6:30pm with a cash bar—Including, of course, White Russians and Cold Ones. Live comedy starts at 7pm. and the movie screens at 8. Enjoy the party and movie for $10. A $17 ticket then entitles the bearer to two hours of open bowling after the show at the Tonawanda Bowling Center ( 574 Young St., Tonawanda).

Riviera Theater, 67 Webster St., North Tonawanda / 6:30pm / $10-$17 / 692-2113 /

  • VGabrielli

    This is all about a bunch of spooled brats whining about their troubles with the law. Good grief, Charlie Brown! Kind of reminds me, this story and the others, of Charlie Brown’s school teacher’s voiceover through the years. A lot of noise but nothing discernible whatsoever.

    These clowns have been doing their dirty financial deeds for decades now, and Pfaff knew all about the Pigeon scams all along. Funny how most of the time it was right in your face – and with a laugh to boot. Every one of these Pigeon people should be jailed for a bit at least, over these continuous election scams, including hair trigger Reese, as I’m surprised Peter didn’t tell the cops he’s punch them in the nose if these pestered him.

    Good grief, Charlie Brown. They all got caught but they just can’t escape justice.

    And to imply that Judge Pietruszka is somehow conflicted by revenge toward Pigeon is absolutely outlandish. Just from reading this you can see the judge outwitting Pigeon for the county judge position with garnering the GOP line and thus forcing Pigeon’s hand, which had to provide the good judge with some measure of relief after to state judge post went another way. After all these years, too, seems crazy that some type of revenge is there; moreover, seems to me that the judge was simply doing his job.

    And here we are in this article, with all the Pigeon cast of characters in play in this article, including the article’s author who is a long-time Pigeon pal, with even former state judge Whelan being brought in to somehow appear objective, but anyone who follows this stuff knows the very, very, very long friendship Whalen has with Pigeon. Whelan even ran against Mark Poloncarz for county comptroller to bring down then-chair Len Lenihan, with Steve backing Whelan (right into the ground of course), but Lenny crushing the Whelan/Pigeon effort like a bug.

    Hats off to the State Attorney General, the FBI, and other law enforcement for not letting this organized crime continue! Articles like this only tell me that the truth is on the side of these crime fighters, and Pigeon and pals are getting exactly what they deserve.

    • Peter_A_Reese

      Hey gutless VGabrielli, care to identify yourself? No one registered under that name in Erie County.

      • RyanAdams

        Why would anyone use their real name on the internet?

      • Peter_A_Reese

        Because they are not gutless slime. Let me guess, you’re Bruce Kogan?

  • Peter_A_Reese

    One correction here on an inaccuracy the author refuses to rectify. When I first met with my BFF Brian Burns, he did not show me an email concerning “a contribution Reese made to the allegedly Pigeon-controlled committee.” The committee in question was Frank Max’s Progressive Democrats of Western New York. (C26203)