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Friday: Artvoice BOOM Bash @ Nietzsche’s

It’s time for another live installment of our ongoing Battle of Original Music—or BOOM, for short. This is where four bands that won the right to compete in front of a frenzied crowd of local music lovers will strut their stuff in the hope of garnering the most votes, and a spot on the bill for our upcoming Battle Royale—the Artvoice BOOM Grand Finale. Past winners include Dali’s Ghost and TypeRelevant. This week features Photos of Wagons, the Gavin Petrie Band, Leon and the Forklifts, and Iceberg. These acts got here by generating the most votes in our weekly online contests, where we shine a light on some of the best original music our area has to offer. Friday, every audience member through the door will receive one ballot to cast for his or her favorite artist, and when those votes are counted by the end of the night, we will announce our winner. That winner will join the Albrights and Hunger Anthem, who’ve already taken a similar honor at our two previous live shows. Come out and support our great local original music scene, and don’t forget, if you’re in a local band, your picture could be on this page in just six short weeks. The first step is to enter. Visit to find out how.

(Bands from top; left: Leon The Forklifts, Photos of Wagons; right: The Gavin Petrie Band, Iceberg)

Nietzsche’s, 248 Allen St. / 10pm / $5 / 886-8539 /,

  • Emily Pietre

    I was at the BOOM show this weekend and it’s terrible how this band beat out the others because they had their close friends at the show – NOT FANS… Leon and the Forklifts blew everyone off the stage by a country mile and I’m a country girl – another reason why Buffalo is full of crap on live music these days. You don’t support the good bands, you let the mediocre sound like 15 others win… You should have had judges or somethin – MAJOR LETDOWN anyone!!! DON’T mark your calendars for the rest of this ridiculous family voting fest… What a joke!

  • my my…

    Trust me Emily, if we judged the contest rather than allowed for a democratic vote we’d have a lot more complaining for playing favorites. We’ll never please everyone.

    ALL of the bands put on a good show and deserved to be up there. The idea is to get local acts exposure, first in the paper, and then on stage and expose them to listeners who might not otherwise hear them. That’s the beauty of mixing four un-related acts together and have them bring in their own groups of fans – whether they’re friends and family or not – they end up cross-promoting each other and make for a varied audience… *everyone* wins by getting to play to new sets of ears, even if only one band gets the bragging rights from the ballots. It doesn’t make one band “better” than the others. So sorry you’ve missed the point.

  • Emily:
    Your unique insight into the BOOM concert concept makes me think you would be a valuable OpEd writer for The Buffalo Ruse, where our motto is “Get the facts, just as soon as we finish this next carafe.”
    Please contact me immediately or send in your curriculum vitae written on a roll of toilet paper. That’s how we roll.

  • Emily Pietre


    Your response was bitterly sardonic and as I reflect, I’ve determined that your witty (yet idiotic) reference to toilet paper is a clear indication of how much time you must be spending on “the crapper” – when you should be spending your time crafting a spectacular evening at a large and clean venue with ample parking, dedicate more time working with local acts – further? doing everything in your power to promote local music, instead of posting crude remarks that you probably cut and paste from!

    That’s how you roll indeed… I’m just waiting for an event that actually means something – email me when you think of something…

    Next time, use a between your dizzying lines of intellect. My abbreviated, hyphenated, twenty word text messages are more insightful than your mediocre banter.

    My left breast is over here… Suck it! LOL 🙂