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Not the Wurst Idea For A Car

Those of you who remember the Cold War may also remember the exhaust-spewing Trabant as the vehicle of choice for those East Germans lucky enough to get one. In the recent movie “Good-Bye Lenin,” a family is thrilled that their three years on the waiting list ended with the delivery of a powder blue Kombi (station wagon) delivered just around the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Trabant 601 S, probably from the 1980s

The Trabant was a plastic-bodied car built with basically whatever was lying around in the factory that day. East Germany wasn’t known at the time for possessing an abundance of raw material to build anything in quantity. Of course, most East Germans at the time didn’t know this, so, life went on.

Trabant nT concept car

At the latest Frankfurt Motor Show, a new, electric Trabant, the nT (new Trabant — get it?) was shown as a concept car. Production of the affectionately-known Trabbie ended in 1990 with over three million produced. Even though the cars were basically crap when new, they’ve gained cult status in the new reunited Germany. The show car was a smash hit, and it’s rumored that model kit maker Herpa is exploring the possibility of putting a full-sized nT into production. I’d think a model kit of the nT should also come to be.

No word as to whether General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany Erich Honecker will return from the dead to claim any royalties from the new design.

…Jim Corbran, You Auto Know