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New Year’s Eve: The Ice Ball

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It takes a fair amount of pluck to try to start a new tradition in this town, but Steve Poland and his partners have got a running start. Last year’s inaugural Ice Ball—a New Year’s Eve alternative to the city’s venerable bar and restaurant celebrations—absolutely packed the Marcy Casino at Delaware Park. So Poland has doubled down this year, moving the event to the resplendent and more capacious Statler Golden Ballroom. There are three ticket prices, ranging from $95 to $225, with appropriate accoutrement for each grade of admission. Everyone, however, enjoys a generous open bar, a buffet, music by the Michael Bly Band, free valet parking, and a host of other enticements. (Go here to learn more.) Needless to say, everyone gets champagne, and if the bubbly clouds your memory of the evening, never fear: Prom-like souvenir photos will memorialize the evening. for better and for worse. It’s a class act, the Ice Ball, the sort of New Year’s soiree this city has been sorely lacking. Move quickly—the event is nearly sold out.

geoff kelly

  • Ex-Buffalo Resident

    What a lie. A typical Buffalo lie. The party at the condemned Statler is not even close to being sold out. In fact, discounted tickets went on sale today (1/2 off for the bye-statler party) and the organizers of the party have verified they will LOSE a ton of money on the white elephant party.

    Buffalo is too small, poor, and tacky to have a new years ball like they do in relevant cities. In Buffalo, people ring in the new year with a six pack and a carton of cigs. Then they resolve to pack up their goods and move to the sunbelt were there are jobs and there is hope.

  • Robert Kasper

    I sounds as though “Ex-Buffalo Resident” is a petty, small minded and mean spirited individual. Let us all pity him……….Oh wait, we don’t have the time cuz’ we’re having fun. Thank God he/she is an Ex-Buffalonian. Honestly, it’s people like you that make me glad I’m me. Stay away, please.

  • Ex-Buffalo Resident

    Have fun Kasper. Why don’t you catch a game at the Memorial Aud, and then ride the train up and down Main Street for free while you plan a dinner at the new Seneca Casino and then a shopping spree at BassPro. Fun Fun Fun!!!!! Maybe you can shell out some cash for a Billy Joel concert too. He may cancel 3 or 4 times, before you get a refund, but that is fun and irrelevant Buffalo for you.

    On the other hand, get a one way ticket on JetBlue or Southwest Airlines and move to a real city. Then you can have REAL fun, rather than imaginary fun.

    If you can’t get a job elsewhere, try enrolling in one of those fun classes at the UB medical campus. They should be available in 2020, NOT!!!!