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Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Hero or Zero?

arpaio_underwearAs the Buffalo News reports, Erie county has been sent a bill for over $40,000 by the Allston and Bird law firm for research and advice back in August, after being taken to task by the US Department of Justice for conditions at the Erie County Holding Center, and the correctional facility in Alden.

The idea is that Robert N. Driscoll, who is currently at the firm, used to be a deputy assistant attorney general and chief of staff for the Civil Rights Division from 2001-2003, and has done work for controversial Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. County Executive Chris Collins calls it “money well spent.”

Recently, Arpaio instituted a lawsuit against Maricopa County (AZ), then asked for $7 million from the county to pay for that lawsuit. The county will also soon be forking over money for lawyers fees to four activists who were arrested for clapping at a Maricopa County Board of Supervisors meeting one year ago.  And let’s not talk about his tactics with the press.

Collins is quoted in the News, “No apologies…you have to spend what you have to spend to hire the best experts you can hire. No one would suggest that that advice comes cheap. It’s a shame the Department of Justice chose to sue us with a frivolous lawsuit.”

It’s also a shame that there have been beatings by guards, avoidable deaths, suicides, attempted suicides, and prisoner-on-prisoner violence encouraged by authorities at the Holding Center—but shame means different things to different people.

Today, Erie county attorneys will make their first argument to dismiss the case against them before US District Judge William M. Skretny.

We’ll see how valuable the advice of the best experts turns out to be for county taxpayers.

  • FreeManInocent

    Collis is just an old-style facsist pure and simple. He allows civil and human rights violations to go on unchecked in his jail. The record is clear, people being held on charges are routinely denied medical attention, raped, beaten, and physically abused. Collins needs to drop the Nazi tactics and resign. He is a skull cracker and in violation of the US Constitution. Arpaio is known for being an equally sick torture adict. What’s next, waterboarding in the Erie Co. Jail or electric shock treatment? Arpaio and Collins need to take their agression out on themselves. Maybe they can put on their masks with zippers on the mouths, crawl into a basement, and have a PulpFiction moment. It is only a matter of time before the Collins secrets come out (ala Tiger Woods).

  • Julie B

    Sheriff Joe, keep enforcing our laws. Let the rest of the pantie-waist cowards hide under a table. You Rock!

  • MaxPlanck

    It’s evident that Mr. Trump never read Friedman other authoritative sources on the economy or trade policy. Instead, he simply emits knee-jerk reactions to the chattering class of the 24X7 news cycle. For one who’s posturing for a leadership role, that’s a thin reed to lean on.

    • Robin Tedlock


  • Thurgood Stubbs

    So, what if the rest of the planet suddenly vanished and the United States is all that is left?
    Would we survive?
    Yes, we would.

  • Shaniqua

    Muh fugga outta his mind up in dis bisch