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Ellicott District Updates

cityhallThis just in from the AV fax machine: Buff State professor Dr. Curtis Haynes Jr. has submitted his resume for the seat vacated by Brian Davis.

Also, Crystal Peoples-Stokes sends this letter of recommendation for Reverend Darius Pridgen.

Boy, Council President David Franczyk must get an awful lot of mail.

  • Peter A Reese

    Haynes is Lenihan’s guy.

  • Joan

    She calls Darius a servant leader. If he truly does live in an expensive condo and drive a luxury vehicle as claimed his leadership has truly served himself pretty well also. True religious leaders like Mother Teresa or Ghandhi wouldn’t serve the poor first and live amongst them. Just a thought.

  • joe

    WoW, The last thing I thought I would never see is Crystal quoting the founding fathers. Maybe she should look at her friends Capital Budget.

  • CSteed

    So, Lenihan has plucked a last minute candidate. Does this guy know he’s just being used?

  • bflofirst

    Better a Lenihan candidate than a casey/brown/golisano one. Lord help us please. These guys all three need to be in jail.

  • john swanson

    How do we know this guy is “Lenihans guy”, where is the proof? Also it was nice to see that the Assemblymember still refuses to follow the rules and writes an endorsement letter on her State of NY letterhead paid for by taxpayer dollars and sends it to the Buffalo News! How are her campaign finance reports coming by the way? Has she no shame?

  • CSteed

    John Swanson, you got that right about Peoples-Stokes. And she’s finally using her married name. Big rumblings about the Lenihan thing. Both are political bullshitters.

  • Chester

    I’m wondering which “great cities” the Assemblymember is referring to? Buffalo and which other one/s.

  • Don’tGetMeStarted

    Thanks, Chester- I saw that too and wondered the same thing. And I also wondered if the Honorable Assembly Member knows the rules regarding politicking on State stationary? I guess no matter how far ahead one gets, they an still be might ignorant, still!

  • brownout

    wow, embarrassing. she doesn’t seem to mind that