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Remember New London!

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87574423Remember New London, Connecticut? In 2005, the struggling city won a Supreme Court case to bulldoze the homes of many residents, citing eminent domain, to make way for a huge expansion for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. The city threw in crazy tax breaks to lure the company there, in an effort to revitalize the city. The company promised a “business and technology park.”

Now, Pfizer is shutting down its huge research facility, after merging with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Turns out they’re not making enough money. This leaves an overgrown field where the homes that were demolished to make way for the expansion used to stand.

Say…didn’t there used to be a big Westwood-Squibb pharmaceutical complex over by the Scajaquada on the West Side?

I mean, nothing like this could ever happen in a place like Buffalo…could it? Let’s hope a store like Bass Pro has a more stable future than the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Peter A Reese

    Stories like this highlight the need to crush forward with UB2020. It was designed by geniuses around the bar at the Buffalo Club, and as Assemblyman Schroeder would say, anyone who opposes it should just “shut up”.

  • Uncabobbo

    Here’s an idea. These companies, as well as corporate America seem to love insurance companies as relates to healthcare refore…so…how about they have to insure these types initiatives? Before say, the land in New London was taken, the company would have had to back their proposal with insurance that would have restored to it’s original condition should lthe company not follow through. Oh wait! I forgot! What’s good for the goose doesn’t apply to the gander as far as corporations are concerned. Sorry.

  • tapped out

    Kinda makes you wonder about the logic behind the UB2020/BNMC pork fest doesn’t it. Yeah, biotech and drug trials that will do the trick.

  • Steven Osterstrom

    Why is the guy’s name under this picture making us think that this man is the one who showed the children the Youtube video?

  • Elizabethjbly

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