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Illuzzi Blows a Gasket

Filed under: Local Politics

For a born-again, turn-the-other-cheek, ride-that-Gospel-ship, my-check-kiting-days-are-over Christian, Joe Illuzzi certainly is given to fits of stunning vituperation. The bile he unloaded last night is particularly freighted with hate and slander.

On Cheektowaga Democratic chairman Frank Max:

One of the bloggers arrested for indecent exposure  known for fabricating stories, libel, etc. & getting paid to do it wrote Cheektowaga Chairman Frank Max beat up his wife & did jail time, true account.

However, later on Max paid him to write a retraction. Now Max says this publication  solicited an ad for Glascott for Sheriff. Absolutely not true. Max brought the ad up & we ignored him. Max would always preface his conversations with us by offering some sort of payment in kind. The fool never realized how insulted we were by that tactic. We should mention Max excoriated the blogger in question for over a year until he realized he could purchase the retraction.

We never swayed from our support of Tim Howard. We wouldn’t take money from a man who represented one of the most racist, brutal police departments in the country. However, the blogger in question took Glascott’s money & excoriated Howard for months.

But what was is true is Max beat up his wife!

On Erie County Legislator Tom Mazur:

Then this degenerate who represents a guy who beat up his wife (Max) is singing the praises of Legislator Tom Mazur was forced to resign his teaching position at ECC for sexually abusing a very young female student, more than one says a very prominent jurist.

On New York State Assemblyman Sam Hoyt:

To add insult to injury: Hoyt Sam I’ll be your lollipop Hoyt is taking full credit for the Legislature reversing itself on the license plate mandate. Hoyt sanctioned by the Assembly Speaker & kicked out of the “student intern” for having sex with one of the girls in his charge. Actually, there was more than one & one had an abortion.

On Common Council President Dave Franczyk:

We received a number of emails from readers wanting to make the point that Common Council President David Franczyk is simply a talking head. His district looks like a war zone because Franczyk has done little or nothing for his constituents. His job is to get the Black guys.

On the five members of the majority coalition on the Common Council:

The Majority on the Buffalo Common Council is trying to lynch Brian Davis.

And on an unnamed member of the Common Council:

Oh! I almost forgot! Sources say unequivocally that a Majority member of the Buffalo Common Council got caught in a extra marital tryst. Did we mention it was a gay man. The gay guys partner made him come clean if he wanted a reconciliation. No names (We have  names) just the facts – just the facts.

Come on, Joe. Don’t blow a week’s worth of character assassination in one evening. It’s only Tuesday, and your weekly dose of forgiveness is a long time coming.

The last assertion is especially egregious. Who is the old blackmailer threatening with this gossip, and why?

Consider Illuzzi’s sponsors: He is the paid man of Byron Brown and Steve Casey, who, like their opponents, are scrambling to positions for the fight to choose the successor to Brian Davis, who, according to state law, vacated the Ellicott District seat on Friday by pleading guilty to two misdemeanor violations of campaign finance law. (By the way, note that DA Frank Sedita claims there was no plea deal with Davis. Sedita says that Davis plead to exactly the crimes he committed, and if he had not, Sedita would have convened a grand jury this week to look at the case. But if Sedita was ready to convene a grand jury, then he must have had felonies to pin on Davis, not misdemeanors. Sounds like a plea deal to me.) The Council’s majority coalition wants to fill the vacancy quickly, not only because the Ellicott District needs representation but because the Council is beginning to work on the mayor’s proposed capital budget. Last year, the majority held the capital budget hostage well into the new year, insisting on changes that the mayor refused to make, and unable to force the mayor’s hand because they lacked a sixth vote to overturn Brown’s veto.

The Ellicott District seat could provide that sixth vote this year, but they need to fill the vacancy before December 15, by which date the Council must make its changes to the mayor’s $22.7 million capital budget proposal.

It may seem like the majority should be able to pick whomever they like for that seat, after advertising the position, accepting resumes, interviewing candidates, and listening to the district’s Democratic committee members, whose recommendation is influential but non-binding. But a five-to-four majority is thin, and it might be possible for Brown and Casey to peel away one ambitious majority member. One of the five, for example, might be convinced to vote for the candidate backed by Brown and Casey (Janique Curry, perhaps?) in exchange for the Council presidency, which would be determined by a new majority comprising the mayor’s bloc—North, University, Masten, and Ellicott—plus the rogue member of the current majority.

That carrot, or one similar to it, is surely being dangled right now. Perhaps Illuzzi, then, is the stick. If you don’t take the carrot, Brown and Casey may be saying, we can turn Illuzzi and his poison on you.

  • Don’tGetMeStarted

    Janique Curry is ineligible for this position due to her residency. She only recently moved into the district and the requirement is to have resided in it for one year.

  • toolegittoquit

    Not true, she’s been a resident for years!

  • babygee

    Live by the sword, die by the sword …
    J. Illuzzi is a felon too

  • Truth-is-out

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Frank Max’s name come to light in my favorite Buffalo read, Artvoice. PLEASE DIG DEEPER
    As ‘wife beater’ is only one title he claims – someone should dig into his past file that has been covered up due to his political connections- there is MUCH MORE to his record (probably every crime out there besides bank robbery i’m talking here) and he should not hold any office representing any decent human being as he is not one.