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Question for Brian Davis

Yesterday an anonymous commenter left this note on the long-abandoned blog of  Ellicott District Councilman Brian Davis:

Anonymous Anonymous said…

November 05, 2009

How could you?

Good question.

  • Lego1981

    Looks like someone in his office took the site down. Bummer.

  • Jeffrey

    Exactly! Shame on you Brian! I always knew you were a jackass, never knew you were and ignorant jackass too! Your days are numbered.

  • Buffalo’s Halo

    When one enters politics to serve oneself and not to serve the community, shit happens!

  • Giovanni Centurione

    Time for Mr. Davis to be a man, admit his faults and step down. He gives others in power a bad name and loss of hope for this community.

  • Brian Wood

    Hey, Brian couldn’t be found, wouldn’t say a word. Finally, a politician with the wit to SHUT UP.