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Man vs. Machine

man vs machineAccording to a source in City Hall, the push for red light cameras has lost momentum since the home-rule measure was passed in Albany and approved by the Common Council this past spring.

Since then, one traffic surveillance company, Redflex, has met on more than one occasion with council members to voice their displeasure at this foot-dragging. They’d stand to make a lot of money on a deal with the city, but the city has yet to issue an RFP.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the country where such cameras are already in use, humans are revolting against the machines. Several municipalities are moving to do away with them, while vandalism of the cameras is on the rise around the globe. Tragically, the robots are even managing to turn humans against one another. According to this Washington Post report, “a technician was servicing a speed camera on Loop 101 in Phoenix back in April. An irate motorist shot him to death”

The battle, brothers and sisters, has begun.

  • Peter A Reese

    Is it a crime in Arizona to shoot a technician working on a traffic camera?

  • bflofirst

    only a crime is done while texting.

  • bflofirst

    “IF” done while texting.