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Brian Davis: No on Domestic Partnership Benefits

brian davis dancing

Ellicott District Councilman Brian Davis

Does it strike anyone odd that Ellicott District Councilman Brian Davis—who must represent more same-sex couples than any other Buffalo legislator—is the only member of Council to vote against a resolution asking the city’s Law Department to write up a bill that would extend domestic partner benefits to all city employees.

He represents Allentown, the epicenter of the city’s LGBT culture. The increase in personnel costs to the city is expected to be less than one percent. It’s a resolution asking the Law Department to write a bill, it’s not even the law itself.  Davis voted against even considering domestic partner benefits.

Masten District Councilman Demone Smith voted for the resolution, even though he expressed concern about the actual cost of extending the benefits, and even though his constituency is far less likely to approve of the measure than Davis’s.

So who is Davis representing?

  • wende walsh

    Who is Davis Representing? Himself! I cant believe this guy isnt in jail, let alone still on the counsel. (when he bothers to show up) When are the people of this city going to wise up and get rid of these thieves and liars. he probubly has no idea WHO his constituents are, and im sure he couldnt care less.

  • Is’nt it even MORE SHOCKING this guy actually went to work this day to cast his vote? So, he’s the only one that opposed this. Isn’t election time coming soon for new councel members? For a guy who never went to work or did anything besides show up to a few grand openings (like he had anything to do with them). WE WILL REMEMBER and vote for the other guy or girl running for his district.

  • lovebuffalo

    Don’t forget – Davis is the one that voted for his city-paid health benefits extended to his live-in girlfriend. Apparently he wasn’t concerned with the cost to the city when he was able to reap the benefits. Looks to me like he’s OK with some “domestic partners” and not others.

  • Rose

    I’m with Wende…
    people need to pay attention and vote people like him out of office!
    He does nothing but collect a salary, and he is crooked as a country road!
    If he cared about his constituents, he might bother to show up for council meetings once in awhile.