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The Good Samaritan

Filed under: Local Interest

AV street correspondent John Duke send in this story:

The Express Mart on the corner of Colvin and Highland Streets in the Town of Tonawanda is just a little bit different from the everyday gas station.  You can stop in for unusual items, from a hot Sicilian wrap to a Jones Pure Cane Soda (subtitled “M. F. n Grape”) to a venison snack.

McD 007

Bob McDonald

Behind the counter you’ll find Bob McDonald, who also isn’t usual. Recently, a customer who was having one of those days, coasted in on fumes and without his wallet, but with a roll of dimes in the glove compartment.

Before the customer could ask, Bob said, “We take change,” and watched as the customer put five dollars of gas in the tank and then began struggling with the keys in the ignition. Bob put a small wrench on the counter as the customer returned to the store.  The customer said, “I can’t turn my keys in the ignition,” and Bob replied, “You need to get leverage,” motioning towards the wrench.

The customer took the wrench, started the car, and was all smiles as he pulled away.

“How’d ya know?” another customer asked Bob.

“I watch people, I see it all the time. He’ll be right back.”

“How do you know that?”

“They always come right back after you help them,” Bob said. “They always take off with my wrench, and I haven’t lost a wrench yet.”

  • rastamick

    Cool story. These are the places I spend money in.