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Lost Quatrain of Nostradamus Discovered


Archeologists believe they may have found a long-lost quatrain penned by the famous renaissance seer Nostradamus, in the remains of a room once used as a salon by Catherine de Medici. The four-line verse is thought to be one of the fifty-eight quatrains missing from the his collection of predictions known as the seventh “Century.” He composed ten in all. Believers around the world point to the uncanny accuracy of his forecasts—including envisioning the rise of Napoleon and Adolf Hitler.

Alas, the discovery comes a few days late for Erie County Executive Chris Collins, who might’ve benefited from the soothsayers words:

The great suit will stumble at the mark

Among a crowd of his followers

From his lake, clad in silver, on horseback, he will cross the state

Seeking the letter sigma, whose number shall be six

  • Peter A Reese

    Stop picking on Chris. He does just we want him to, spending most of his time eliminating social progarms for people who don’t live at Spaulding Lake. How do you expect him to find the time to write a sane speech?

  • Peter_A_Reese

    Flynn is a flagrant liar! He ran for Election Commissioner in 2012 on a ticket with Frank Max, challenging the Zellner/Ward cabal. I was there. I saw it. I have documents to prove it.

    • Jimmy Pierce

      I recall one of the political websites referring to Peter Reese as “Pigeon’s brain,” as twisted as that would be if it were true. God help Pigeon, too, if that was+ the case. Steve never came off as the proverbial angry white man, so maybe Mr. Reese is actually not Steve’s brain.

      But Mr. Reese certainly is all in with Flaherty. Even hitting the streets on behalf of the awkward DA. Kinda frightened here to even think of Mr. Reese, anger and all, showing up on my porch. Please don’t.

      So, with the Pigeon Team clearly in the Flaherty camp, and even busted by the Buffalo News providing Flaherty with the petitions he needs to gain access to the ballot, I guess anyone would know where Mr. Reese is coming from in his latest unhinged comment here.

      And who cares anyway about the “Zellner/Ward cabal” and a race from years ago? So what!

      My mother used to say “consider the source” when someone in the neighborhood would be devious and perhaps spreading ridiculousness like Peter Reese here. Funny, though, I could picture Peter sitting at his computer, wringing his hands, and “taking it to the man.” Only problem is Peter himself is backing the shady candidate backed by a real, not imagined, duplicitous cabal. And you know it’s the case Peter.

  • richardszczepankiewicz

    Hey Peter: Maybe if Flaherty didn’t fall into the camp of Byron Brown, Mike DeGeorge, and the rest of the clan who can’t go forward with a full sentence of “uhs’, ums, uhs, ums, etc”.