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Jackson and Paladino: Dancing Again

Filed under: Byron Brown, Local Politics

I am listening to Carl Paladino on WBEN as I type this, and recalling that the last time Carl visited AV’s offices, he nearly came to blows with Bruce Jackson. Time does not, in fact, heal all wounds but it does create strange bedfellows. On Friday, Jackson—who has endorsed Mickey Kearns for mayor of Buffalo—sent out an email urging the recipients to vote for Kearns in tomorrow’s primary. Rather than explain why, he attached Paladino’s letter to the Buffalo News in support of Kearns:

Next Tuesday’s Democratic primary will decide who will be mayor of Buffalo for the next four years. The two candidates are incumbent Mayor Byron Brown and South District Councilman Michael Kearns. I am writing to urge you to vote for Mickey Kearns.

I am not writing as a UB faculty member for more than four decades, or as the editor of Buffalo Report for the past seven years, or as the author of more than one hundred articles on civic issues for Artvoice and the Buffalo News. I am writing as a long-time Buffalo resident who loves this city, whose children grew up and went to school here, who hates what has happened in and to the mayor’s office in recent years, and who believes Mickey Kearns can and will make a difference.

I’m asking you not only to go out and vote for Mickey yourself, but to do what you can to take everyone in your household with you. And to pass this letter along to at least 10 friends, asking them to do the same. Byron Brown has amassed a huge warchest; perhaps we can use email and our own networking to restore some of the balance.

I could offer many reasons why you should vote for Mickey Kearns, but Carl Paladino—a man I’ve had strong disagreements with over civic issues in the past—has made the case as well as anyone might. This time, Carl and I are in complete agreement. I will attach his Another Voice essay, “Kearns offers alternative to city’s poor government,” which appears in today’s Buffalo News.

Paladino’s “Another Voice” column in the News.

  • Henry Taylor

    Bruce, I thought you were better than this. You have let your anger over a single issue keep you from really investing other issues the mayor has been accused of by the Buffalo News. That’s ok, but I never thought you would throw your support behind someone that you have not studied or carefully evaluated–Mickey Kearns. For example, how does someone who is seriously concerned about the City, not have insight, knowledge and an opinion about Children’s Hospital? Why doesnt Kearns have any women in positions of importance in his campaign? How many times is he going to spend the rainy day fund? I have been to several speaking events with Kearns, and whenever asked about funding an initiative, he uses the rainy day fund.

    I am also surprised that you have not accused the Buffalo News and others of turning Leonard Stokes into the Willie Horton of this campaign. All of that is bad enough, but now you have climbed in the bed with Paladino. You are a scholar, a thinker, a person of wisdom with a higher responsiblity. You disappoint me.

  • james

    wow, dr. taylor has waaaaaaay too much time on his hands. isn’t he supposed to be working on that plan to solve poverty in buffalo, courtesy of his good buddy byron? what a blowhard. and dr. taylor, you disappoint all of us. you’ve done a bang up job, you are just worried someone else will get in and not buy your snake oil. how’s the view from up there?

  • james

    If you study and carefully evaluate Byron, you have no choice but to vote for the other guy. It’s obvious Taylor.

  • Downtownjunkie

    Really Taylor? Really?!?!?!?!

  • bizzle

    How’s the plan coming Taylor? The East Side is waiting, and waiting. And waiting, and waiting. And waiting. Oh, we see youare busy on your computer, nevermind. my bad.

  • guest

    wonder if Mr Taylor picked up his free groceries?

  • brownsuxdik

    Henry Taylor=Useless