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Paladino on Bauerle today

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Carl Paladino is on Bauerle this morning until noon. Lots of fireworks. According to Paladino the incident with Stokes being freed from police custody isn’t the first time the mayor stepped in to save Mr. Stokes. Last year when police were looking into drug dealing in the fruit belt they picked Stokes up. The officers who did that were given a memo from police deputy commissioner Derenda to leave Stokes alone. They were also brought up on disciplinary charges but the charges were dropped because the administration realized a hearing would bring unwanted publicity. Tune in to WBEN if you read this before noon.

  • Jamie, thanks for the heads up. Tuning there now. For any other recent emigres, WBEN is at 930 AM. Although I’ve heard hints about the Fruit Belt story, this is the first I’ve seen anything in “print”. Will that be posted as a specific story–?

  • bflo81

    @RaChaCha: So, Jamie Moses reports that Paladino, Kearns’s biggest backer and all around nut job, profligates this unfounded rumor and you are assuming that this legitimizes this because it’s “in print”? @ArtVoice: Don’t be irresponsible and “report” on this rumor the day before the election. Its unethical at best. Investigate, opine, endorse, whatever, but don’t spread malicious rumors unless you have the facts to back them up. You’re better than that ArtVoice.

  • Bflo81 those are good points. However, it’s worth pointing out that I actually have a copy of the signed internal memo from the Buffalo Police Dept. dated from July 30, 2008.
    …”from Commissioner. He wants Officers DeLong and Swaggard to stay away from B-M (black male) named Stokes. …… This man complained to Mayor Brown.”

  • Bflo81, I didn’t think the Artvoice folks would be talking about a “memo” unless there actually was a memo. Seeing as this memo is now an “open secret” and several folks in town seem to have a copy of it, I’m guessing it won’t be long before it’s scanned and posted online somewhere for our perusal.

  • Obvious Question 4 hours later

    Jamie Moses –

    Why haven’t you simply scanned the memo and posted it online?

  • It’s also rather interesting Paladino is telling everyone to vote for Kearns but not reporting any of his own spending. Isn’t this the same thing that everyone was so up in arms about regarding Tom Golisano? Furthermore, why aren’t Sam Hoyt and his minions demanding an investigation?

  • guest

    Believe me, there will be demands for all kinds of investiagtions now, poor byron won;t have a minute to run this city! Time to move!

  • Buffalonian101

    No one said anything was found on Mr stokes when stopped; only that he was abused by the cops. I can understand why a memo was sent if cops are abusing innocent citizens, which they are on notice for doing. Too bad all of us are not lucky enough to have connections so that we could have a memo sent to the commissioner if we’re stopped and roughed-up by the cops for no reason!