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Found Today at City Hall

Filed under: Byron Brown, Local Politics

stokes parking pass

  • bflo81

    who are “people”? Were they city employees? Were they campaign workers for Kearns? Don’t get me wrong, I get the joke and think its both clever and warranted, but it would seem to me that if things were passed out in City Hall attacking Kearns, 50 people would be screaming for the FBI to come to City Hall to look into Hatch Act violations.

  • Kevin

    I want one! Anybody see the racial splits in the polls? What’s up with Buffalo? Should we just split the city at Main Street and have two Mayors?

  • Henry Taylor

    Racism is alive and well in Buffalo, New York. This is a sad, sad day.

  • Joe

    It is not all about race. Byron Brown is corrupt, and gets called on it, and now it is racist,because he is black.

  • Joe

    Henry Taylor is a operative for the Brown Administration. Who heads the committee to create a committee to develop a plan to write a plan to fight poverty in Buffalo? Henry Taylor

    Give me a break,stop hiding behind your academic front.

  • Its Me

    How ignorant can we be to think this is race related. So tired of us and I do repeat Us screaming racism yeah its out there but when The Mayor The Coward Mayor let one of his city official take the blame for One sunset (a female) He showed not only how corupt he is but how less a man he is. He will have to answer for this sooner or later as for all you blind followers just as he turned on his own to save his job give him a chance and he will turn on you. Racism nah he is just a poor excuse for a Man. Mayor Brown how do you look at the Woman in your life everyday knowing that you let a women lose her job because you didnt want to be accountable for One sunset Trust me THE CHICKEN WILL COME HOME TO ROOST. Again I cant say it louder YOUR NOT A MAN pressure breaks pipes Bryon is about to burst Buffalo

  • maureen

    Stokes turns himself in for a bench warrant from January? Then he walks? Are we really going to re elect this corrupt idiot mayor? BIRC money is mandated to support community development….instead $100,000 more goes to Stokes, an ill respected punk, thief and drug dealer….and the mayor doesn’t recall ever meeting meeting with him? This is just the tip of the ice berg…he is not a mayor…he is an empty suit. People do not re elect this idiot.

  • Geraldine

    Stokes is a dirtbag. Tresspassing, Stolen Parking Permits, refusing to open his books, embezzling money from the city, crybaby to the mayor, what a promising young con artist

  • Kenny

    Dr. Taylor is a self-serving blowhard, does nothing for this city, is a divisive racist and absolutley works behind the scenes for buddy byron.

  • Peter_A_Reese

    Tony: You missed the fact that even though Small asked for and got the endorsement of the palsied hands in Democratic headquarters, she also passed her own designating petition. Her paper didn’t have the required homage to Herr Zellner. This was really schizophrenic and could have been a costly error.

    • Donarcyr

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    • Marycbianco3

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