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Andrew Rudnick, Local Advocate

rudnickBuffalo Niagara Partnership President and CEO Andrew Rudnick writes in a letter published by the Buffalo News that Delaware North Companies should run the Aqueduct horse track in Queens. Delaware North has a well-known interest in these kinds of operations.

The note stresses that the team (Aqueduct Gaming) involved in the deal are New York companies: Saratoga Gaming and Raceway, McKissack & McKissack (whose Web site says the company was founded in 1990 in Washington, DC before expanding into the Chicago market and now has offices in Baltimore, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta and Orlando), Shawmut (with offices in Boston, New York, Providence, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and New Haven), and Thalden Emery (with offices in Las Vegas, Phoenix, St. Louis, and Tulsa).

Finally, the letter states that the selection of Aqueduct Gaming would mean 100 new jobs in Buffalo. Says this is a “test of whether New York’s elected ‘leaders’ will support the state’s businesses.”

I put down the paper and called Andrew Rudnick to request a list of these local jobs. I was forwarded to the voice mail of Emily Alexandria Burns, Communications Manager for the Buffalo Niagara Partnership. I left a message on her office phone and her cell phone. I put in a follow-up call and was directed to Nadine Clancy, handling Business Intelligence at the Partnership. Nadine said she’d try to find someone who could answer my question.

It seemed like a simple question, seeing as the letter published today, but I guess not. I just put in another call, and was told that Emily was on a conference call and couldn’t talk to me. However, the receptionist sent her an email asking her to call me. She said Emily would be the one for me to talk to, since she’s the Communications Manager.

As soon as someone gets back to me with a list of the 100 new jobs that are hanging in the balance, I will publish it here.

  • Joe

    The partnership is a bunch of incompetent morons.

  • I would like to see a list of the 100 jobs! I would like to see a list of any jobs the partnership has created? I would also like to see a list of the Actual members of the partnership who are not in the game for just the insurance.
    Robert J Liguori
    ChemMet LLC

    living and working and paying taxes in Buffalo

  • Jack

    Hey Joe… Wow, you really were so eloquent and thorough with you comment. You really know what you are talking about. Thank you for clearly presenting yourself as the real moron.

  • Joe

    They play politics with its membership by offering poor treatment to those who criticize leadership. In certain cases the partnership hinders job creation and attempts to ruin business reputations, if they are not afforded credit for things they had nothing to do with.

  • Joe

    Jack works for the Partnership

  • Henry

    I’m in the BNP for just the insurance and I’d love to be out of it. I feel like I’m paying into one racket so I can pay just a little less into another racket, but the vig for the first racket has gotten to be enough so that I’m no longer sure it’s worth it. There has to be a better way that doesn’t involve our criminal and incompetent government taking over health care so that all those moronic bureaucrats have you by the short and curlies and you either don’t get the care or it costs half of what you earn or maybe eventually half of what you own. I have no interest in dying so that some 15 to 40 year old can live.

  • Joe

    There are ways to lower your premium, enhance coverage and reduce co-pays and deductibles without government agencies or BNP.

  • TC


    Seriously, I sincerely would love to know how to lower my companies premiums, enhance our coverage and reduce co-pays. Thanks!

  • Peter

    You guys are worthless. How about instead of turning a letter to the editor into a political statement, Artvoice write its own letter of support the company from WNY – you know, your hometown – trying to get this work? If they contract some out of state company for this job, you’ll be the first ones moaning about it. Try being part of the solution instead of adding the problem.

  • Carol

    You looking for a job, Buck? Why would you call the partnership for a listing of jobs at Delaware North?

  • T.O. Fan

    Is this what you spend your day doing? Let’s see what happened here. You saw something in the paper, and it keyed something in your mind to make you think you could make the BNP look bad. So, you made a call to ask them for a list of jobs that you know doesn’t exist because you’re smart, and you know that this contract at Aqueduct has not even been awarded yet. The Partnership’s media people – knowing that your request was argumentative and that you probably were trying to spin something to make them look bad – didn’t call you back right away. So, you post a ridiculously insignificant blog about your tale… And Artvoice pays you a salary for that?

  • Joe

    TC I can put you in touch with a consultant who has done so with my company.

  • Carol

    Given T.O. Fan’s take on your job, why would you want to leave Artvoice for Delaware North?

  • Joe

    Art voice the partnership has infiltrated your blog. Carl Paladino was right, these people are a bunch of idiots.

  • Mickey

    Joe’s a hater.

  • Joe

    Not a Hater, or an employee of the partnership, but a truth seeker of the real intent of these dubious individuals.

  • Emily Burns forwarded a clarification this afternoon via email. It’s not the list of 100 new Buffalo jobs Rudnick wrote about, but here it is, as promised…

    According to Wendy Watkin of Delaware North Companies:

    Aqueduct Gaming, is composed of three New York companies: Delaware North, Saratoga Gaming and Raceway and construction and design firm McKissack & McKissack. The McKissack group of companies are two African-American and woman-owned firms, one of which, headed by Cheryl McKissack, is headquartered in New York and has worked on a number of high-profile projects there ( Aqueduct Gaming’s construction and design team includes other firms, but they are not equity partners.

    Meanwhile, large casino companies with no interest in New York are competing for this important contract. Would Artvoice rather see jobs go to a Las Vegas headquarters?

    The jobs that would come to Queens and Buffalo as part of this new project will include construction-related jobs, executive and administrative positions, marketing support and informational technology jobs. While some of these jobs may be part-time during the initial phases of the project, the majority will be incremental new jobs with Delaware North, a $2 billion company that continues to grow and expand not only in New York State but on a global basis.


  • Billionaires smillionaires it’s not like they spread the wealth around here. I’ll bet if you go down to Florida where their second homes are they spend a bunch of money. Andrew Rudnick makes way too much money 370,000 Dollars according to the snooze. I guess that’s Delaware Norths big contribution to the community. Only problem is that Andrew Rudnock isn’t worth two bits. Bet his Secretary wrote the piece.